Titanfall 6v6 Player Count Won't Change

While the game certainly works fine at that number with a variation between AI-controlled grunts and monstrous titans, some fans are still hopeful of playlists that add more players.

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Fireseed1739d ago

Good! Any more players in this chaos would be a nightmare! XD

Thatguy-3101738d ago

Not until the sequel that is.

buttclown1738d ago

If they were to make a playlist with more players, and that is big if, I think they would need to make bigger maps. Half of them if not more would feel very claustrophobic with more than the current player count.

XiSasukeUchiha1739d ago

So the dumber AI is an nightmare XD

diehardmetallicafan1738d ago

It won't matter anyway. xboners will hit 'prestige' in a month and by mid next year they'll announce titanfall 2 for holiday season 2015, including - 6v6 with all new cloud-sourced expert AI (sarcasm) there's a popular saying - 'a sucker born every minute' and a whole heap of them will be playing titanfall together...

Slevon1738d ago

Yeah man screw the things people enjoy! But in reality if your going to trash things you find to be overhyped and extremely overrated how can you still listen to metallica?

Bonkerz1739d ago

The 6v6 in this game with the AI is the best choice. After playing it since launch and being level 49 if there were anymore people in one match (actual players) it would be way to chaotic. It would be almost impossible to be "good" at the game cause you would constantly be getting killed. At 6v6 with this type of gameplay it fits perfectly, i really see why they said 6v6 fits this game great.

sergons1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Idiots like you is the reason why game companies think all gamers are brainless idiots.

n4rc1738d ago

And idiots like you are why condoms were invented.. Lol

And its "are the reason..." Not is..

Since you want to question peoples intelligence after all ;)

rhcpfan1738d ago

"Is our children learning?"

xPhearR3dx1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Idiots like him and myself have actually played and own the game, while idiots like you judge things before trying them. I'm level 44 and also owned it since launch, I see more action in this game than I do in Battlefield 4 which has 64 players. The action is intense enough to not feel overwhelming and the mechanics are fantastic.

Sure, I have some minor complaints about the game like everyone else. But those complaints don't fall into the "more players' category. Certain games depending on how their built function better at a certain player cap.

Games like Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, The Last of Us, Uncharted etc don't need high player counts or even normal player counts for most games to have a very competitive and solid MP experience. In fact, those games have some of the best MP around.

Titanfall constantly has you focused on the action that you often forget there's only 12 real players. Especially when players leave their Titans and the AI takes over and you find yourself fighting a giant Titan along with it's owner Pilot on the ground. It's a thrilling experience that doesn't require a large player count to hit the sweet spot.

And that's why idiots like myself and Bonkerz are having fun. Meanwhile, your petty, pathetic excuse of insults linger on N4G while you're spending time insulting people for no reason rather than having fun.

SITH1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Oh... n4rc BURN!

Bonus, xPhearR3dx random burn.

Two burn cards used, for double bubble deployment!

Rocky51738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )


Here here, I'm loving it, fast, fluid (not noticed any single diget FPS :-/ issues) & there is always action.

In a game that's so fast paced you don't have time to say, hey is that a dumb AI bot? Or a user? You shoot first & don't give a sh*t.

Level 28 here, only played about 5 hours or so & its a cracking game.

The issues with frame rate & screen tearing are mute, when playing the game you do not notice any frame rate dips or see screen tearing.

When deliberately looking for them you can see screen tearing here & there, (usually when standing still) but the frame rate issues people are spouting I haven't come across, even when playing the Titan vs Titan mode.

diehardmetallicafan1738d ago

@sergons AGREED! when mindless gamers buy mindless games, for top dollar, it encourages those same crap games to be made every year.

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ThichQuangDuck1738d ago


It is sad that n4g has even 2 people that would agree that sergons existence due to his defiance of the comment on the game's player count and ai gets agrees,but hey it is N4G.


Have you heard of a game called Battlefield. Titanfall and yes I played the beta could definitely support more people, destructibility and larger scale/reward with mechs. It chooses not to and aims for a more arcadey fast paced simple feel. Which works in some regards,but the bots in Titanfall are so dumb they serve as little more than masturbation of the players' respective egos. As well as the fact everyone gets a Titan. The game is fun,but like masturbation will not last very long and players will leave with sense of loneliness in such a robotic feeling game. To each their own.


I understand your disagreance with bonkers but actually articulate why rather than just make personal attacks because his opinion differs than yours


uncharted561738d ago

I really like the game so far but tbh compared to cod this game has become boring to me a lot lot early. I played mw 1 and 2 and bo for 8-9 months and I am tired of this in a few days maybe its cuz I am not really that great at it. Hmm ill give it a few more tries since it gave me a deja vu feeling of mw 2.

torchic1738d ago

that's kinda what happened to me.

I played sooooo much MW2 / BLOPS and thought they were really, really fun MPs but at a certain point I developed burnout and never touched CoD again. I get this feeling of "hey, these games are really good and all but I just can't do it anymore"

and everytime I see Titanfall it gives me that same feeling. it looks like a lot of fun but I just can't do it anymore it feels too much like MW2. if Titanfall were available in my country I'd give it a good go and see for myself but tbh don't feel like I'm missing anything.

ThichQuangDuck1738d ago

That was my fear after the beta. Titanfall just doesn't really have lasting power. Not a wide variety of guns, destruction, the AI is stupid, the player count is limited and freerunning turns into a gimmick quickly. I will probably just wait for Titanfall 2 and continue to enjoy Battlefield 4. Thanks for your honesty so I don't just get it to play with a friend. I pulled out of Titanfall after beta and decided to get battlefield premium instead

ltachiUchiha1739d ago

4 on 4 for TLOU is perfect for the tactical multiplayer it was built to be. I haven't played TF yet so I cant really say or 6 on 6 feels like more can be added or not added but Gears of War & Uncharted had 5 on 5 & it also felt perfect. Having more players for each team would be nice but if its too many where it doesn't feel balanced then I believe 6 on 6 is the right amount for this type of multiplayer.

I understand why sum ppl may think more should be added since were in the NEXT GEN of hardwares but still I would rather have a nice balanced multiplayer then add more players & feel overwhelmed by too many for any type multiplayer. Plus u gotta remember there are huge mechs in their. If anything maybe they could have taken away alot of the dumb AI support & maybe added 8 on 8. I think that should be a capable task especially on these new hardwares but then again, like I said, I haven't played it yet so I dont have any say in it.

king_george1739d ago

True. I think that the only way an increased player count can work in titanfall is if they limit some things and make the maps alot bigger but who knows if that would even feel like titanfall at all. Im still pretty "meh" about the bots in the matches but 6v6 for a game with that much chaos sounds just right

fr0sty1739d ago

My beef with it is the fact that they claim they don't have room for more players, but then toss in AI that are little more than filler. They offer no real challenge compared to the human players, and pretty much get in the way. I'd rather the AI get dropped in favor of more human players.

Exies71738d ago

The game is designed around 6v6 Titans. Anymore Titans and it would be chaos. The AI is there for an entirely different purpose.

And I don't even understand the AI complaint, you can completely ignore them if you really want. "Get in the way", just walk around them. O_o

Thatguy-3101738d ago

They could have easily limit the amount of titans on the field and problem solved. The fact that the bots are there just for fillers is a lame excuse.

fr0sty1738d ago

Exactly. This isn't the first shooter to use mechs or other large vehicles in a mutliplayer environment. Make a limited number of them available to the team, and have them respawn slower than other vehicles... just like everyone else has been doing for years.

n4rc1738d ago

I disagree..

They add to the environment.. They make the map feel alive..

Ignore them if you want.. Or kill em as you see them... Or use them as decoys.. Or hack them..

Having them around makes it feel like a real battlefield.. They are carrying fallen soldiers, their chatter is hilarious..

But this argument about its not challenging enough is crap.. Don't be a wimp and don't farm them the titans and pilots

Taking them away and making it player only would ruin the gameplay.. Entire teams are back to camping their asses off to keep that kd ratio up.. The pace would slow way down imo

fr0sty1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

"They add to the environment.. They make the map feel alive.. "

More alive than having actual living people controlling them?

"Ignore them if you want.. Or kill em as you see them... Or use them as decoys.. Or hack them.."

Or just include more people in the game and give people the option to deploy a decoy if they choose?

"Having them around makes it feel like a real battlefield.. They are carrying fallen soldiers, their chatter is hilarious.. "

Then get rid of them, let real people replace them, include a mechanic for those people to get points for dragging people off the battlefield. You've replicated the mechanic without gimping the player count. As for chatter, I've heard far more hilarious chatter from real people than I have from bots.

"But this argument about its not challenging enough is crap.. Don't be a wimp and don't farm them the titans and pilots"

Or just remove them since they're not necessary and are just there to serve as a way of populating the environment with characters. Why ignore them when the concept of their presence prevents more real people from playing in a match?

"Taking them away and making it player only would ruin the gameplay.. Entire teams are back to camping their asses off to keep that kd ratio up.. The pace would slow way down imo"

So a bunch of dumb bots running around is all that is preventing people from camping? They're what's keeping the pace of the game up? A mindless drone running around vs. another human player which would be far more able to respond to your attacks?

Sounds like you're grasping at straws there. Not a very convincing argument for why removing the bots would be a bad thing.

BX811738d ago

@ frosty
You seem to have a counter for everything. Then make your own game bro. It's no biggie if Titanfall isn't for you.

fr0sty1737d ago

I only have a counter for BS...

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