inFamous Second Son - 20 in-game screenshots

20 new screenshots has been leaked for inFamous Second Son

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MaxwellBuddha1736d ago

The quality of those screenshots is terrible. Blurry, compressed mess.

minimur121735d ago

I know lol, it's a joke, but you can still see that the quality of the game itself it really high.

I'd like to know if nyone is excited as I a about this game, so much so to order a custom mug coaster off of Zazzle :D
it's the eagle logo on delsin's jacket :D

ShinMaster1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I was about to point that out. Were they taken from a video?

These are the latest direct screenshots:
And latest gameplay footage:

webeblazing1735d ago

yes can we stop showing blurry screenshot. im mad i clicked on the site

CrossingEden1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Oh shiz we can take the jacket off?
EDIT:Actually wait, scratch that, I prefer the jacket on, the character model looks quite weird without it.

minimur121735d ago

is it just me or does his head looks massive in this photo?

Venemox1735d ago

wtf is up with those proportions haha.

alti1735d ago

Delsin kinda reminds me of the latest Dante.

If the attitude is similar I'm going to really really enjoy this.

minimur121735d ago

it seems to be, but now as sweary, I really liked the latest DmC, was funny and I enjoyed it :)