PlayStation Store Update (Mar 13, 2014)

PS Blog "And we’re live! Sincere apologies for the delayed publish on this week’s PlayStation Store Update; we faced some technical issues that prevented us from getting all of this week’s content in place by our usual 2:00PM Pacific timing. We are grateful for your patience, and we can’t wait until you get your hands on some of this week’s amazing new titles, like TowerFall Ascension and Dark Souls II. Game on!"

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bobsmith1734d ago

wow no mgs, mlb 14, and watch dogs for ps4 pre order just ps3

I want more options to spend 60 on and get 10 back
is watch dogs still 10 dollar upgradeable and if mlb 14 is id pre order that

cleft51734d ago

The apology is nice and all, but these issues with the PSN online infrastructure is just unacceptable. I am loving the direction Sony is going in right now, but this is just completely unacceptable. PS4 is the most popular next-gen console, so Sony needs to step it up and stop these problems from happening on a regular basis.I don't expect the network to be issue free, that is unrealistic, but this does need to stop happening regularly. This is like the third time in 2 months that the PSN has behave this poorly.

I am not okay with accepting this as a no big deal thing and I really hope other people complain about these issues too. I am not willing to give Sony a pass because I love PS+, my PS4, my PS3, and my PSVita. Kudos on making great hardware Sony, now please get your online infrastructure up to par.

JIG1734d ago

Since they announced the store is updated I cant connect to the store or any online modes on any of my games on ps4. The only games ive tried to log into are ghost,2k14 and dead nation. Is anyone else having any online issues. With there games?

crimsonfox1734d ago

I'm having this issue aswell. I got n4g to see if there was a report on it...Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Solans Scott1734d ago

Same here. Cant sign in or use the store.