What I'm Playing: Titanfall

Max Level: Thousands of people are playing Titanfall this week. This game is pretty much amazing. It is lacking a little (or a lot) in the story area but I don’t care. This game adds some great mechanics to a tried and true formula. Check out the video below and see what else I have to say.

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Tapioca Cold1734d ago

Wow. Thanks for taking the time to tell the world in poorly written English that your playing a new game.

"It is lacking a little (or a lot) in the story area but I don’t care."

You can't even state whether it "lacks a little or a lot"?
That's some pretty solid reporting you're doing there. Is that the only way to describe a lack of single player? Unbelieveable how this day in age two year olds can write and share their thoughts online like they have earned it.

rodiabloalmeida1734d ago

I did not watch the video, but maybe the guy is a non native english speaker.

parentoftheyear1734d ago

Thousands of people huh? LoL

Titanpete1734d ago

Yea he its wrong its millions. Combining plataforms. This game its amazing loving it! I really want to play dark souls 2 but this game its too good. My 360 its hungry for ds2.