5 Things I Want From Gears of War 4

Tom Skidmore of The Koalition writes:
On January 27th, Microsoft Studios made headlines when they revealed that they had successfully acquired the Gears of War IP from Epic Games. With Black Tusk Studios stepping up to take over the franchise under the leadership of Rod Fergusson, Microsoft now remains committed to the franchise and hopes that it can shine brightly on the platform for many years to come.

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rbailey1741d ago

Plenty of things that Black Tusk Studios can add to this franchise, but I certainly hope that 4 Player Co-op Campaign is at the very top of that list.

DawnOfDon1741d ago

That would be Epic unless it is reliant on 2 characters than more come into play at certain times, like in the others.

rbailey1741d ago

That is a very good point. Hopefully they can figure an approach out that everyone would enjoy but yeah probably won't hear anything else about this game for awhile now.

MrKennedy1741d ago

This is a good article about 5 things you wanted from Gears of War 4 which is the fourth game in the series after Gears of War 3 which was the third in the series.

christocolus1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I agree with all the suggestions made in the article but i'd also like to see a spartan from the halo universe appearing as a playable guest character(in third person)in one of the side a guy can dream..right?

Ms owns the franchise now, anything could happen.

RamboRabbi1741d ago

1) less linear and more challenging campaign

2) more in-depth character development

3) online multiplayer connection optimizations using cloud servers

4) enhanced destructive environments

5) a fresh narrative

6) more innovative multiplayer without making the core gameplay too easy thus lessening the skill gap (retro Lancer, sawn off etc)

7) more customizable features

8) developer support and feedback when players report problems

9) competitive playlists and clan features

I could probably think of more but if they just improved upon gears 3 on the unreal engine 4 I'd still be pretty happy tbh.

BX811741d ago

My biggest complaints of gears 3 mp is wall bouncing and the sawed off.

RamboRabbi1741d ago

Yeah I just don't like the idea of a gun that makes aiming your weapon pointless. If someone beats me in a gnasher battle then it's down to skill, using a sawn off and wall bouncing is very cheap, I might aswell stand still and let them kill me because it's too easy for them.

N4GJD1741d ago

Do gamers really want another Gears of War title after the first game's very fundamentals were destroyed throughout the series? It had become far less dark and scary, and more bright and colorful throughout it's course. And the multiplayer suffered by choosing to heavily cater to shotguns; removing variety, fun, and balance. While also using the netcode to cater to bad internet, giving those with it (such as players in mexico) a huge advantage.

If they insist on milking the franchise, at least change it to a FPS with us playing as the Locust or something!

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