Watch Dogs: Graphics Battle – PC vs. Consoles (Comparison)

Watch Dogs graphics have become a controversial topic since Ubisoft creative director, Jonathan Morin, revealed that the PC version will feature greater resolution effects than the PlayStation and Xbox versions. Ubisoft has expressed that PC will deliver better results but does it really matter? A comparison reveals that next-gen may be close to PC but it's still far behind.

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ritsuka6661740d ago

Looks bad.. Anyways, preparing myself now for The Division downgrade that seems inevitable.

crusf1740d ago

Because of one graphics downgrade you now assume all future games from Ubisoft will suffer the same fate. I mean I would understand after two or three games of this but ONE game. Kind of harsh IMO :/

Vegamyster1740d ago

Far Cry 3 had a visual downgrade, also i highly doubt The Division footage was running on PS4/Xone hardware because of how sharp it looked, no noticeable jaggies at all.

rodiabloalmeida1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Not just from the future. You forgeting the ones from the past too. FC3 for example.

HeWhoWalks1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Well, for starters, the comparison doesn't even compare the game in like-for-like scenarios. Second, it's clear that both are based off of compressed video footage, not high-res captures.

Thus, this side-by-side is pointless.

morganfell1740d ago

And third, they only show one console version which should lead to some suspicions as regards the graphical fidelity of the other versions.

Senyra1739d ago

Well, the trailers are different so there's no equal scenes there.

Senyra1739d ago

It may happen... let' hope it won't tho.

jazmac1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Waste of time trying to make a comparison right now.

1. That's an early alpha build from two years ago.
2. The comparisons are from different locations at different times of day with different weather effects going on.
3. Still images for graphics comparison I feel are not that useful because we miss out a lot on what could also be better on PC if in motion.

If I absolutely had to make a judgement call right now I would say PC is vastly better....buuuuuuuut...I think my opinion could be skewed by the rain and it being nighttime in the PC screenshots as it does make the game look more impressive visually.

Yukicore1739d ago

That's not even the worst part, who uses screenshots in 800x415 resolution for GRAPHICS comparison. That kind of resolution can be only used for game's atmosphere comparison or I don't know, you name it, but not graphics comparison.

Those videos were at least 720p. Either way, you got your point, even if the resolution would be better the comparison is just useless for platform graphics comparing. It's more of a build/development comparison.

MadSientist891740d ago

Fail.. using E3 photos when the game actually looked good... compare with the recent footage

Oh_Yeah1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

The recent pc footage is only going to look better then it did in 2012...with the release of gtx 780ti and what not. Let me make it simple for everyone calling out "downgrade"...if the game is at e3 and it's bet your ass it's running on the highest end pc available, there is no downgrades...the console version was always going to look like the console version. Lol it's really not that hard to understand. They show off their games at the highest quality they can to get people to go ohhhh ahhhh over it , make sense? Make your product look the best you can and possibly reel in more sales. If you want your games to look like they do at e3 buy a 1500$+ pc or quit complaining.

ClevelandSteamer1740d ago

Worst Graphic Comparison Ever!! See how more awesome the shadows look in scene A VS the lighting effects of scene B. Apples and Oranges


But this debate is endless and pointless, Yes a GTX 780, GTX 780TI, R9 290x ect ect will destroy a PS4 or Xbone. I own such a card as I am a FPS / resolution whore. For most people if the game is fun then buy it.

starchild1739d ago

Well said. It's going to look good on all the higher end platforms. Of course the PC version will look the best just as always. We won't know how much better until we see a comparison between the final versions in the same scenes under the same lighting and weather conditions.

webeblazing1739d ago

i never get why people always take the e3 reveal as gold. things in development changes and its basically a demo. but of coarse it will look better on pc and that even with midhigh range rig.

windblowsagain1739d ago

Stupid comparison.

DRY VS WET/ doh.

Alot of poor websites, trying to make a name for themselves lately with all the downgrade bullshit articles.

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