5 games to drown your sorrows in over the Titanfall local cancellation

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: As you may have heard, Titanfall will not be releasing in South Africa. This is due to a claim that our internet services are not sufficient enough to handle one single video game. While this is an absolutely poor excuse not to launch a game that many of us, myself included, were looking forward to… we have decided to list a few games that you should be playing instead of pining over a lack of the Titans.

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redwin1736d ago

They will soon have a single player TITANFALL to play soon, they'll be able to play it then.

BattleTorn1736d ago

How exactly is that gonna work?

Solo matches with only bots?


k3x1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Wouldn't it be nice if maybe some day an AAA FPS game released giving people the ability to:
a) host their own servers;
b) choose the server they want to play on;
c) make actual ping values visible;
d) put the server browser in the game client so it doesn't have to be restarted every time you switch servers;
I understand we're not technologically at a point where all those things are possible yet, but with great developers like DICE already introducing 64-player servers (much big, such new. wow) for BF3 and stuffs it's like we're already living in the future, so I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

Anyway, you guys are not missing out on much.

Revvin1736d ago

You mean just like a PC game?

k3x1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

No, I mean like a game from 10+ years ago. PC games don't feature all the things I mentioned anymore. I was hoping that parenthesis would be enough of a hint I was being sarcastic, but I guess I should've made it easier still.

n4rc1736d ago

Or you could play one of the dozens of games that fit that bill..

What's the flip side? Nobody should be allowed a new experience because one country can't handle it?

They can walk around in shorts and tshirts while I'm freezing my ass off.. Lol.. Not everything is equal for all

fenome1736d ago

I hate the cold, but lions can f*ck you up. lol

T21736d ago

MS made it clear this gen that they are going after the American crowd with Internet period. The tv features are only good in the US and they started out with a drm machine.
Not sure why you would buy an xbox in SA anyway when MS clearly doesn't give a f about you

ITFGaming1736d ago

Gaming is huge in SA. And to be honest, our internet is not as bad as claimed. I can personally play online perfectly without any issues with the guys over in the UK, USA and just about any other country with no issues on a 4MB line.

lameguy1736d ago

Internet isn't the problem, the location of datacenters is. For reference, here's a list of regions where Azure is currently available and can be seen if you have an Azure subscription (Amazon EC2 has similar locations): East US, West US, North Central US, South Central US, Japan East, Japan West, North Europe, West Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia

There are typically a few datacenters in each region for capacity etc. Supposedly there's a region in South America / brazil lighting up soon as well.