10 Reasons Titanfall Is A Call Of Duty Killer

It was almost a year ago that we began hearing about the first game from Respawn Entertainment, the company founded by Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella, who were summarily fired by Activision in early 2010 despite delivering consistently sterling results (sales wise, at least) on the Call Of Duty franchise.

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Yi-Long1740d ago

You can't kill it when it already committed suicide...

ClevelandSteamer1739d ago

"Battlefield may still have the last word when it comes to superior multiplayer mayhem"

Really?? lol Battlefield and COD have become the Madden 20XX of FPS. Every year a new game to sell to the masses that is the same game as last years version with a few new lighting effects and a few new guns. BF4 is not fun like Bad Company 2 was.

Titanfall is fun now, but EA will destroy it like they did to Battlefield.

Thump19671739d ago

COD is Dead and TF just buried it a little deeper. BF was a mess and it had it's chance to be the to go shooter but TF has moved ahead of that long live the King TF rules

PONTIAC08G8GT1739d ago

TF is a much more fun, innovative game, but COD won't go anywhere. Especially since it's a multiplatform game unlike TF which is an MS exclusive. Unless it goes multiplatform, TF won't ever outsell COD. As much as I would like COD to take itself out back and shoot themselves, COD isn't going anywhere.