Kojima Declares Love for PS4, Shows Fantastic MGS5 Gameplay: “The Future Is Closer than You Think”

Sony Computer Entertainment just published the English version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Director Hideo Kojima's "Conversation with Creators" video, that was previously available only in Japanese, including some great looking gameplay.

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Batzi1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

We love him too! Now give me the game already..

Edit: Nothing about this video is new. In fact, it is gameplay from previous trailers and TGS demos.

ErcsYou1741d ago

I really like Metal Gear too and I'm glad he loves the PS4 like (almost) everybody else but should he really be saying things like this with a multi platform game? I wonder if this upsets the Xbox fans?

AutoCad1741d ago

why would it upset xbox fans lol?

Immorals1741d ago

He's already been treating the Xbox like dirt on his shoe, this is just more evidence that points towards it.

Persian_Immortal1741d ago

His love for the PS4 doesn't upset Metal Gear Solid fans, so that's all that matters and if we look at sales its clear where 94% of the sales come from.

kickerz1741d ago

Im an Xbox guy and it kinda annoys me. I'm sure it's gonna an awesome game and all, but because he's been saying how much better ps4 is I've decided not to buy this game on my xb1. So yeah he's lost 1 customer and prolly many more, but I doubt he cares.

BX811741d ago

@ immorals
I wouldn't say dirt but he gives me the impression that he isn't trying as hard on the xb1.

GameSpawn1740d ago

Kojima has always had a bias towards favoring the PlayStation brand. Hell, it's because of the PlayStation that the Metal Gear Solid series (not Metal Gear) took off -- so I can understand the origin of his bias.

The only reason versions have been ported to other consoles is because of Konami. Even though Kojima is the creative director behind the series, Konami signs his paychecks, so when they tell him to release on Xbox & PlayStation he kind of HAS to release on both.

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bmx_bandit1741d ago


please leave the internet forever. you are an advertiser, not a gamer.

your funny and childish ads makes all the good and true GAMERS look like dumb kids.

blackmanone1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Anyone who uses the word "true gamer" looks dumb enough on his own. Gamers come in all shapes and sizes. Just because someone doesn't fit in your narrow view of how things should be doesn't make their point any less valid, it only weakens yours.

I don't care for his post anymore than you do, but when you stoop down to a trolls level... that's right. You become a troll, yourself.

The_Sneauxman1741d ago

@kickerz, you probably weren't going to buy it anyhow. This isn't a yearly release title (granted this is the prologue) like C.O.D. and most people purchasing these MGS games have either
1: loved and followed the story, or
2: loved and followed the story.

To pass on this game, like you say you are with those reasons, narrows you down to the fact that you weren't going to support it anyway.

vallencer1741d ago

I am a huge fan of the MGS series and MG in general and even I thought about passing on it. I know that Kojima prefers the playstation brand over microsoft for obvious reasons but the fact that the xbox one version looks a little, and i use a little generously, is complete crap.

Yes the one is by all accounts weaker then the PS4 but even so it should look a lot better then its 360 counterpart. All that shows to me is that he doesn't care enough to make it look better because he thinks PS4 is the best.

I still plan on buying it because I love MGS but it is kind of annoying to see how little he tried. However, like i said, I know he likes the sony brand much more then microsoft. And I still respect Kojima because he makes great games. Passing on the reasons he did doesn't mean he wasn't going to support it. It just means that he is aggravated by what Kojima did and his only way of showing it is by NOT buying the game.

kickerz1740d ago

Yup what Vall guy said. I do wanna buy it, e3 trailer looked amazing but if he's not putting much effort into the One version I don't really wanna spend $80 in it. That's all.

liquidhalos1741d ago

Every time i see MGSV footage im left shocked at how good it looks. Its incredible and a sure sign of of what us console gamers have to look forward to in the future

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Eonjay1741d ago

In a stunning turn of events, Kojima confirmed that the Phantom Pain will also be 200x more expensive as Ground Zeros. Chaos ensued!

Actually I'm excited that the game will be so long.

xHeavYx1741d ago

I think you mean expansive instead of expensive

Lowsnamebrand1741d ago

Lol with that many bubble I wasn't expecting a troll lol

goldwyncq1741d ago

It wasn't trolling so stop using the word so callously.

Eonjay1741d ago

Lol I was being silly. I can't wait for this game. I am a huge Metal Gear fan. You will know when I'm trolling.

abzdine1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

nice he prefers PS4.
looking forward to Ground Zeroes.

gameplay is old, please stop pretending that's new stuff.

Question: is Phantom Pain coming to PS3? or is it only next gen?

ABizzel11741d ago

I could have sworn they said Phantom Pain is next-gen only.

numNuts1741d ago

Why would the first part 'Ground zero' be available on ps3 then? Im pretty sure its out on ps3 and xbox360.

ABizzel11741d ago

Because Ground Zeroes only exist to give people a taste of what to expect from Phantom Pain, and the bridge the gap between MGS4 -> MGS5.

Pancit_Canton1741d ago

Kojima always loves Playstation. If he had a choice, he would only work on playstation exclusive. Unfortunately, Konami controls everything.

Sniperwithacause1741d ago

I'm not going to check my blood sugar all day while I play nonstop.

Lowsnamebrand1741d ago

If you a diabetic please do check your levels don't need another "video game session leads to mans death" article ;)

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