MLB 14 The Show Launches May 6 On PS4

The PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14 The Show will be released May 6, developer Sony San Diego announced today.

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3-4-51650d ago

Same here. I've been playing the 2k series since 2006, so I'm not sure what to expect. This game looks awesome though, I just hope the manager mode is as good as the sk2 series.

kparks1650d ago

Wow.. I think you'll be impressed 2k has always been way behind the show!

authentic1650d ago

You've been playing MLB 2K since '06? I feel incredibly sorry for you.

nycgamer4ever1650d ago

prepare to be blown away. the show wipes the floor with mob 2k.

BX811650d ago

I really dislike playing baseball video games but this series has always had some beautiful visuals that made me purchase a game or two.

kalkano1650d ago

"Sony San Diego told Polygon in February that maintaining the same feature set was one of the main reasons for the lag between the game's releases on the various platforms."

Sorry, but this does not seem to be true, with the anticipated absense of "Sounds of the Show" on PS4. I don't know why the keep saying it. I've always supported San Diego Studios, but unless "Sounds of the Show" is present on all platforms, or absent from all platforms (meaning they removed it from the PS3 version), then this is a flat-out lie.

HaveAsandwich1650d ago

haven't bought since like 2008. i'm buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.