Steve Fukuda Speaks Titanfall, It’s Done (For Now)

As Creative Director for Respawn Entertainment, Steve Fukuda is a busy man.

The Canadian launch party for Titanfall was a typically jubilant affair, with excited fans thronging demo stations, typical hors d’oeuvres making the rounds, and the excited chatter of happy gamers mingling with the sounds of future-warfare emanating from demo pods around the venue. While this revelry is taking place, Fukuda is attending via Skype connection, holding interviews from a sparsely-decorated office in LA, the only noteworthy feature of which is the whiteboard behind him that bears a three-inch inscription: “It’s Done. (For Now)”.

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THamm1738d ago

Yet still nothing on the 360 version? I'm sure it'll profit more than the X1 port.