PS4 CoD: Ghosts bundle outselling Xbox One “Titanfall + CoD: Ghosts” bundle at Gamestop

Despite the fact that PS4 bundle is more expensive, it still manages to outsell the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which includes a copy of Call of Duty: Ghosts as well.

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NewMonday1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

this is shocking

you would expect XBone bundles to be top at least for Titanfall launch week.

inFAMOUS is proving to be the bigger system seller, it could do better numbers than Uncharted

micx1741d ago

I agree it's surprising. Especially because Titanfall bundle has the same game as well (Call of Duty: Ghosts).

But both are good deals, imo.

abzdine1741d ago

Titanfall is a multiplatform game, all the difference is there.
between buying a 500$ console for one game and buying the exact same game for 360 there is no room for hesitation.

hazeblaze1741d ago

I noticed the same thing this morning! It's worth pointing out that the xbox bundle is beating the PS4 on Amazon's site though... Although I think this is more likely to do with the lack of PS4's on Amazon. PS4's were beating xbox's on both sites just last week.

FITgamer1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

PS4 is sold out on Amazon until march 18th so of course it's being out sold.

Edit: I stand corrected apparently they got more stock today, it's now back in stock.

Jvaughn6611740d ago

@FITgamer they just got more PS4's in stock at my local gamestop also

Alexious1741d ago

I wonder what would a Titanfall PS4 bundle sell...

With [email protected]

GamingNerd0131741d ago

Agreed though ur getting a much better deal with the PS4 bundle as ur getting COD G a extra controller and 1 year PS Plus where titianfall ur just getting the game.

avidgamer11740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

You are not really getting a deal at all gamingnerd because $399(console) +$60(ds4) +$40(ps+) +$50(Ghost). It could be argued that you can just get the game cheaper by just buying it seperately. With the Titanfall bundle you are getting the game for free.

This has more to do with the strong selling power of the PS4 over the XB1 I think rather than the games itself. Titanfall is a much more enjoyable experience than cod ghosts imo.

TheTwelve1740d ago

Hype (Get your X1 to play Titanfall! This is what you've been waiting for!!!)


Reality (Why spend all of that money on a game that performs poorly on weaker, more expensive hardware?)

HacSawJimThugin1739d ago

Performs poorly? How? Please explain that because I have been having a blast playing it.

joab7771740d ago


But I guess if u can play it on PC at 1080p or the 360 at 720...why buy an xbox one just for this?

Alexious1740d ago

That's what I've been saying all along, there's no big reason to buy an Xbox One for Titanfall.

XxExacutionerxX1740d ago

Anything running on hype will continue to sell, even though the buyer has no clue what they are buying. Remember how hard it was to find the Wii in 2006. What did the Wii did in most peoples home? (Collect dust) What is the PS4 going to do in most people homes? (Collecting dust) What has my PS4 done in my home? (Collect dust and it charges my Xbox One controller so I can play more Titanfall) By the way, back when I did play PS4 why can't I turn that horrible light off on my PS4 controller? My controller is always needing a charge.

TheXgamerLive1740d ago

Sony fanboys Stop!!
Seriously. TitanFall XB1 console is/will obviously sell more. Ok, if i have to explain TF bundle maybe anounced 2 weeks ago the other 4 months ago haha get a grip and relax.

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DJMarty1741d ago

Why is it SHOCKING that gamers OPT for the better console(PS4).

Games2041741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

it is a little bit since those Xbox gamers always had COD supporting them more then us on the PS we get everything a month or two later

Immorals1741d ago

Maybe it's because everyone that wants cod, already has it. Add in the fact that ghosts is a terrible game, and that ps4's are in 'short supply' and eureka.

Monster_Tard1741d ago

I know right, Who would had guessed that the cheaper and more powerful console would be selling better..

MysticStrummer1741d ago

I agree that PS4 is the better console, but TF is THE game that was supposed to sell XB1s so this does surprise me. I was expecting a sales spike for XB1 that would last 2-4 weeks. I guess that may still happen but apparently not with the numbers I thought.

FITgamer1741d ago

Idk, last night Amazon was selling the Xbox One Forza bundle for $459, i was really tempted.

WilDRangeRrfc1740d ago

I got PS4 day one love it,get TF X1 bundle tommorrow delivered to my doorstep,if your a real gamer and can afford both do it,and I don't give two shits about PC gaming Xbox Live on X1 will be the best place to play,what people on these gaming sites fail to realise is your average person who games every now and then hasn't even heard of E3 let alone all the vile Internet hate towards MS,these people will buy X1 because they see an advert on TV or because they want the new Halo or Gears,or they prefer the controller( like DS4 but it isn't as good as X1 that controller is amazing) in short not everyone has sad lives like us where gaming is the centre of the universe,and X1 is not selling badly 3.2 million since launch is terrific just not as terriffic as PS4. TF this weekend then Infamous delivered on 21st I will play all great games while you all bitch about resolution and fight like kids FUCKING PATHETIC grow up

Alexious1740d ago

You're right, it shouldn't be that shocking. A single game can't overwrite all the other solid reasons to buy PS4

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Neonridr1741d ago

No real surprise, the PS4 is in HIGH demand. I bet a PS4 bundle with Knack would probably be above the Xbox One with Titanfall.

Alexander1Nevermind1741d ago

I may be one of the few but I enjoyed Knack.

Ron_Danger1741d ago

Me too... It was my first PS4 Platinum trophy. So much fun on the hardest difficulty!

MysticStrummer1741d ago

I only played the Best Buy demo. It seemed simple but enjoyable, which is exactly what I think they were going for.

Monster_Tard1741d ago

It sure would.

currently you can get a standard XOne on Ebay for $460(with shipping) that's 40 bucks less than retail.

currently you can get a standard PS4 on Ebay for $500(with shipping) that's 100 bucks more than retail.

Yet some people refuse to believe that the demand for PS4's are very high.

Immorals1740d ago

I can go into cex and get a ps4 for £330, or a Xbox one for £400, what's your point?

Imp0ssibl31741d ago

I'm still kinda surprised, CoD: Ghosts isn't exactly flying off shelves, and Titanfall has a lot of hype and good reviews backing it.

alb18991741d ago

I think we must wait until this month finish.

ShadowKingx1741d ago

lol - really all i can say.

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