Titanfall Custom Loadout Names Incoming

MP1st - Respawn studio head Vince Zampella confirms that custom loadout names are coming to Titanfall.

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ExPresident1741d ago

I really hope everything is getting their enjoyment out of this game, but shit like this really makes me scratch my head. It's an only only game, no SP, but yet something as simple and common as custom loadout names couldn't be included at launch? I guess they aren't charging for it as DLC or anything, but some shit really should just be included from the get go. IE

Custom loadout names
Clan support
Ability to setup clan wars against other clans (party system of some sort I guess)

Especially for an online only game.

SliceOfTruth8881741d ago

Sounds like someone wishes they had titanfall

ExPresident1741d ago

Or someone fed up with multiplayer games lacking clan support, or party support, which is a huge factor in playing online games with friends.

re2_apocalypse1741d ago

I think some tool needs to begone and stop replying to someone who has some negative thoughts toward the game "I think someone wishes they had Titanfall".

I have it on PC and already level 38. I'm enjoying it, but the game has problems and if you can't accept it or the opinions of others, GTFO

Ripsta7th1741d ago

KZ Shadowfall had none of those at launch, just saying

ExPresident1741d ago

I never said it did. I'm talking any game that has a major online component or touts that component of their game. You brought up Shadowfall, I didn't. This article was about Titanfall.

Irishguy951741d ago

Yet it's becoming a standard in this industry. Haha, no we just gotta take as the 'beginning of new gen' phase.

MasterGuard081741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

In retrospect, the game is functioning and looks stunning. Small features like this should be in day one, I agree however they are adding them in via patches and free DLC. That is a big plus if you ask me.

ExPresident1741d ago

Its not really a plus if it should be included day one. My point is over time developers and publishers are degrading the finished product and features of said product because we allow them too. I never said the game looks bad, or plays bad, and I HOPE people are enjoying it. But the fact remains my statement was to all games, but this article was about Titanfall.

471740d ago

I agree to an extent, but there is a rule in games development that is almost universal which goes "For every one thing you add to your game, thats another thing you can not add, due to time, money or a combination of both'. There is no such thing as an "easy" button in games development and its something VERY few fans of video games realize. They see custom load outs and think all Respawn has to do is type in 'custom load outs' into their dev kit and it automatically works in the game. That's not how it goes, at all. Custom named load outs is probably one of those things that just got pushed to the side for something else. At least Respawn will add it into the game at some point.

ExPresident1740d ago

I absolutely understand, and agree. But here in is my point - we've got a game - Titanfall - that didn't require coding for a single player, yet is missing key aspects of the multiplayer component. Obviously doesn't break the game or anything, but its a feature that should be included.

Glad they added it for gamers, but my point still stands - for ALL games - that key features should be included and we as gamers need to start demanding them in our purchases.

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BattleTorn1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

When I saw that the custom loadouts had locked names of Custom Loadout 1, Custom Loadout 2, ect -- I did feel like banging my head against a desk!!

Like, ya swear sometimes devs have never played their own game once, and never walked into work the next day thinking "you know what basic feature we're missing"

I must say the reasoning that they need to 'listen to feedback' in order to know our habits of playing similarly-genre games for the last decade is beyond lost on me.

It's like how the Xbox 360 was touted for having cross-game chat over the PS3 for it's entire lifetime, then X1 launches without it and the PS4 with... I'm like O_o !!!!
Just found this:
I love how the first comment totally blows their contradictions out of the water