inFamous: Second Son Preview

Unscripted is Dan Hobbs’ preview show. This is his impressions from a small demo of the upcoming PS4 game, Infamous: Second Son.

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pedrof931737d ago

This game was being streamed on twitch.

moodymofo1736d ago

i know it seems like everybody has it already except me . why is this game releasing on Friday instead of Tuesday ?

Bigpappy1737d ago

The graphics are very well done.

No_Limit1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Can't wait to play this next week. Still haven't decide if I should buy the retail copy of just Download it on PSN.

SniperControl1736d ago

Get a hardcopy, will be more expensive on PSN.

Raf1k11736d ago

Plus you'll be able to trade it later if you want to. I always go with hard copies where I can. Even for PC games.

SniperControl1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

Not alot of places trade in PC games anymore, so i get my PC games from Steam/Origin, AAA console games, 95% of the time will get a hard copy.

Most of games on PSN & XBL are way overpriced than their retail counterparts, you might find the occasional game that is the same price as retail(i got The Last of US for retail price on PSN)

All this BS about going digital on consoles is a massive con, they can charge whatever they want for games, we gamers just have to take it in the a55.

SniperControl1736d ago

This is a true next gen console game, looks stunning and fun to play. Roll on 21st!!

fenome1736d ago

It is, and I was thinking the same thing you were, but then he actually mentions that in the video. He's just stating his impressions of the demo played while showing E3 gameplay video.