Watch Dogs may be just another mediocre game

"We need innovations, we need a real breakthrough in gaming… so I’m asking Ubisoft to NOT disappoint us and make Watch Dogs the game that everyone will remember!"

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Ashunderfire861734d ago

You will eat your words, and fart out those words out when you realize your wrong.

malokevi1734d ago

Agreed. I think it's a little late for this joker to be asking Ubisoft for anything. Let them release their game. I bet it will be both beautiful and fun. Looks like a sort of open world Splintercell/AssasinsCreed to me, with cars and explosives, so I fail to see how it can go poorly. I'm expecting quality.

Flipgeneral1734d ago

Expect to see your HUD marked up with objectives and treasures and the like. Points of interest that unlock sections in your map.

Gonna be just like AC

3-4-51734d ago

I don't expect anything special out of Infamous Second Sun or Watch Dogs.

For the players that those games were made for, I think they will be amazing games.

Neither one of them looks that interesting to me, but just because something doesn't interest me, doesn't mean it can't be great.

I hope both games do very well, but there seems to be something "missing" from both of them.

The gameplay doesn't feel or look next gen.

Irishguy951734d ago

I expect it to have as little depth as the AC series.

brich2331734d ago

Have you not seen how boring the game looks or are you blind?

linkenski1734d ago

You obviously haven't seen that 18 minute game-mechanic showcase they had earlier this year. They showed the online interactions, stealth and realtime events that happen randomly etc.

I got super excited because it looked anything but generic... but that was before the visual downgrade, so I hope nothing more than visuals have been affected...

I mean now it looks like Watch Dogs PS4 is basically just Watch Dogs PS3 in 1080p instead.

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staticdash221734d ago

See this is why people come out of games disappointed. I don't see what's wrong with playing games that just do thing well, if it doesn't set the world on fire then that's not a "pre order cancelled". What's wrong with just playing a good game, and if it happens to be so innovative, then that's fine too.

Dark111734d ago

It will be hilarious.

KonsoruMasuta1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I've been worrying worrying about this. Everyone else is worried about the graphics and other things that don't really matter. But nobody is asking questions about gameplay and Ubisoft isn't saying much about it. This article doesn't do much to help either, as it's main focus is on the visual downgrade.

I want to know about the gameplay. Ubisoft hyped Assassin's Creed 1 and got us all excited, but it turned out to be repetitive and average.

psman0121734d ago

That's EXACTLY what I'm worried about. Hacking looks awesome, I'm just really hoping it can live up to it's hype. And the graphics are something I'm not worrying about...sure, great graphics are awesome, but not a necessity. People make too much of a big stink over it.

Benjaminkno1733d ago

That's why I'm hoping WiiU will provide something worth my time

linkenski1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I'm thinking in a worst case scenario Watch Dogs was about to be amazing but then they stumbled into development hell because they had to balance the next-gen versions to the last-gen versions because obviously they can't just fully utilize the processing powers of PS4 and XB1 and still have all the same mechanics on PS3 and 360, unless the only downgrade was the graphics. The ambitious project had it all, then lost it because of cross-gen limitations and ends up flopping.

Best-case scenario: They delayed the game to fine-tune AI and gameplay and as an end result the game became too unstable on PS3 and 360 so they had to fundamentally change some stuff in the engine and therefore they couldn't avoid downgrading the graphics on PS4 and XB1. The game ships and plays like a friggin joy, gets praise for innovative gameplay and open-world design everywhere.

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