GamesBeat: Yoshi’s New Island is a skewed dream version of the original (review)

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb: Nintendo didn’t do Yoshi’s New Island any favors by adhering so closely to the game that spawned this Mario subseries. As a huge fan of Yoshi’s Island, New sometimes felt odd. Despite that, solid gameplay and diabolically well-hidden collectibles have me sticking around.

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NagaSotuva1708d ago

I say I'm getting this for my wife, but it's really for me.

Cutter201708d ago

There's no shame in enjoying Yoshi.

wita1708d ago

I don't feel like this was a necessary game to make at all.

darkronin2291708d ago

Never played the original Yoshi's Island, so this might just be perfect for me.

Sadie21001708d ago

Too bad. I guess with the recent Mario games being so awesome, I was hoping for more here.

JeffGrubb1708d ago

The music is pretty disappointing.