Google May Have a Console in the Works

Colton Steury writes: "Rumors of Google’s possible entry into the console space are intensifying, as Pandodaily has discovered that Green Throttle Games has been quietly acquired by the search engine giant. Green Throttle Games went silent last year around November after releasing the Arena app and their own custom Atlas controller to lackluster critical and commercial success."

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UltimateMaster1740d ago

Get discs-based gaming and/or hdd(not touchscreen Android game) with first and third party support (like the PS4 and X1 3rd party games support) and you could have a great system on your hands.

Just don't make another Android console. Make a real dedicated gaming console.

hellzsupernova1740d ago

being google it wont be disk based at all. Im thinking if they have one in the works it is going after steam and will stream, or download all games, especially with googles fibre roll out across america

WeAreLegion1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I'd love it, but can you bring Google Fiber here first, so I can tell Comcast to suck it?

Snookies121740d ago

Yeah, so waiting for it to hit SC... I'm sick of AT&T here. :\

crusf1740d ago

Good. We can ask the console for help on games without using our computer.

CrossingEden1740d ago

If this is true then I definitely won't be surprised to see that console flop. It's an extremely bad idea to even attempt to enter the console market with a new console if you're not part of the big three. The bright side is that i'll have an excuse to sing the chorus of "Another One Bites The Dust." In fact, i'll start practicing now.
Dun Dun Dun
Another one bites the dust
Dun Dun Dun
Another one bites the dust

WeAreLegion1740d ago

It's Google. If they want to succeed, they will. If they have to buy Nintendo and Sony to do it, they will. Actually, I'd be ok seeing Nintendo and Sony work together with Google's financial backing. THAT would produce the best games in history.

mkis0071740d ago

another pswii60 dream eh?

SolidDuck1740d ago

I still think if they partner up with sega and release the dreamcast 2 watch out. I mean I love my ps4 and all. But u better believe I wound be buying a dreamcast 2.

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