Hideo Kojima: Japanese Gamers Shifting Away from Core Gaming, Focus is on Mobile and Portable Games

During a special AMA being held on Twitch, Hideo Kojima commented on the state of gaming in Japan, particularly in regards to the strength of the PS4, the lack of Xbox One, and struggling Wii U.

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darthv721737d ago

One word can sum up the reason. Convenience.

when you have a smartphone or even a GBA on your person you can get in some game time when needed. It may not be the same experience as sitting down and playing a big theatrical gaming experience but many are finding the time and effort involved with doing so is tough to commit.

Even myself I am finding I play only on the weekends because I have just too much happening in my everyday life. And i have lots of games i'd love to finish that i started. Yet throughout the day, a quick game here and there on my phone does wonders.

Its like those snickers minis. bite sized and tasty but obviously not the same as a full size. But it hits the spot.

abzdine1737d ago

gaming on a phone or tablet has nothing to offer, it's stupid games with no depth in them.
i don't really get how can a stupid angry bird be better than The Last of Us.

darthv721737d ago

That's the thing that many dont get. it isnt about if a mobile game is better than a console game. Its about does that mobile game offer something of interest to the person playing.

Most console traditionalists think that mobile gaming isnt even worthy of being classified as gaming. That is a very closed minded view of gaming as a whole.

sorry to break it to you but even the core cant keep gaming from breaking new boundaries to keep evolving into something bigger...more attainable and approachable by others.

Perhaps its my years of experience that helps me appreciate both forms of gaming entertainment.

zeal0us1737d ago

Casual games in general aren't suppose to have any depth to them. I wouldn't say they are stupid but rather extremely simple. Both Angry Birds and The Last of Us are target at two different types of players. If Angry Birds make more money than TLoU it does not mean Angry Birds is the better game.

abzdine1737d ago

between Angry Birds or Wii Party i prefer the last one by far. it's casual and deep gameplay at the same time. a mobile phone will never offer this type of experience, especially the social and co-op part which is the most important thing when i play those "casual" games

wonderfulmonkeyman1737d ago

Show me a gamer that has found a way to take games like The Last of Us around with them during a day of work, and has found a way to keep the system powered and doesn't mind pausing AT ANY TIME, even during tense moments, and I'll show you a liar.

That's why Angry Birds and games of the like have a place; they're quick, short doses of mild entertainment.
Just enough to take the edge off of the stress of the day, even if they're not high-grade expensive gaming material.
And with the stresses of life, sometimes people just don't have the luxury of playing a long game, even when they want to.
Hence, mobile games.
You can deny their existence as a valid gaming area all you like, but you'd be speaking to a field of people who are too busy playing Angry Birds to give you a response.XD

webeblazing1737d ago

I Dont really get into the phone and tablet games but if he mobile like handheld then he's right. People that's always moving around love em. I gamed on my PSP more than my PS3 and PC .

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Flavor1737d ago

Every time I have to sit on a train or a ferry surrounded by hundreds of grown men and women playing these awful toddlerware smartphone games, I want to start fires.

ShaunCameron1737d ago

It's little wonder why "core" gamers get no respect in society.

dcj05241737d ago

To be fair when I was in Japan for a week the train was full of 3DS/DS and PSP/PSVITA. Maybe I got lucky lol.

Retroman1737d ago

no mini game on smart phone or tablet will NEVER!! replace full game. therefore have nothing to offer as consoles do.

darthv721736d ago

who said anything about replace? Why is it so hard to just see these types of games as: "in addition to"

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1737d ago

Can someone tell me when does MGS5:PP take place? is it before or after MGS4?
and do we play with Snake or one of his brothers?

MGO online will be great to

SuperYakuzaFan1737d ago

Oh My God

Metal Gear series
fictional chronology

1964 – Snake Eater
1970 – Portable Ops
1974 – Peace Walker
1975 – Ground Zeroes
1984 – The Phantom Pain
1995 – Metal Gear
1999 – Solid Snake
2005 – Metal Gear Solid
2007/09 – Sons of Liberty
2014 – Guns of the Patriots

The first Five star Big Boss and the second Five revolve around Solid Snake.

cloud4951737d ago

Before MGS4. Ground Zeros and Phantom Pain are both set after Peace Walker though.
You play Naked Snake/Big boss in both games unless the trailers have been lying.

CaptainPunch1737d ago

Can't believe you got disagrees for asking a question.

GiantFriendlyCrab1737d ago

Japanese people work a lot, so they do not have much time for home console gaming

abzdine1737d ago

they've always been working a lot, why just now?

Flavor1737d ago

They used to. It's a cultural thing, games are seen as a 'loser' past time in Japan now, only 'Otakus' play core games.

neocores1737d ago

Swear to god. wii u outsell ps4 1week. its like all hell is breaking lose.

Dark111737d ago

Yeah and more and more japanese publisher and Dev's are focusing on mobile

it's sad but it makes me glad that 99% of games i play are from the west.

KonsoruMasuta1737d ago

You're starting to see the same thing in the west.

Developers like EA, Ubisoft, and other companies are starting to making mobile games - well, more than they were before. They've been making mobile games since the early 2000s when they started becoming popular.

Dark111737d ago (Edited 1737d ago )

making mobile games IS fine , and we still got tons of AAA consoles games are coming this year thanks to the western publishers.

people and publishers in the west still care about consoles.

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