10 iOS games that DON'T suck.

[Continue Play] It’s rather popular these days to claim that mobile games are terrible. If you believe the standard arguments, they’re all shallow copies of each other, designed purely to rape your wallet and suck in the unwary casual gamer who isn’t “hardcore” enough to know any better.

Don’t listen to those people.

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brianunfried1651d ago

I like SIx Guns, It's like Red Dead Redemption in your pocket. And it's FREE.

Mr Marvel1651d ago

Don't be silly, all mobile games suck.

Palitera1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Most, if not all, of the games he mentioned don't.

ContinuePlay1651d ago

The whole "all mobile games suck" argument is not only wrong, it's incredibly elitist.

Not to mention that half the people who repeat that old cliche haven't got much experience of mobile gaming.