Titanfall feels better with a controller - don't knock it 'til you've tried it

Dealspwn writes: "The all-important parkour also feels much more natural on a controller. It's a platformer in many ways, using familiar elements we've grown used to over years of console gaming. Double jumps. Wall runs and grabs. The slick and fluid mechanics are designed to be generous and effortless to chain together, and hang together so brilliantly on a gamepad, like any great platformer does. Again, it's hard to describe, but for me it's a little like trying to play Rayman Legends with the arrow keys; perfectly possible yet not entirely ideal.

And then we have to talk vibration. The only thing more satisfying than watching your Titan thunder through the atmosphere and slam into the ground, or shredding SPECTRE squads to pieces with a machine gun the size of a family sedan, is feeling it too. Trust me on this."

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jazmac1738d ago

gaming suicide to use a controller over a mouse and keyboard in an fps pretty much ends this discussion.

He says it in his first few lines that you get more precision, regardless of his preference you will have a horrible time playing the game with a controller if you have any interest in doing well while playing.

Personally can't stand using a controller for any fps and even if the company does focus the game around the controller rather than K&M it will never be the superior choice.

Allsystemgamer1738d ago

In using a controller on my PC. I'm usually at the top of the leaderboard.

Kleptic1738d ago

because Titanfall is a console game...and you only have 6 other 'real' things to worry about in any given match...

100% promise you'd be 60th place or higher in something like BF4 on PC...or, you know, a game that actually has some recoil to the gun mechanics...

Allsystemgamer1738d ago

I use Mkb on battlefield. When it works

solar1738d ago

agreed. i remember watching a KZ2 video a few years back watching a mate sneaking up behind an enemy, and wasting 3 clips before killing him. the enemy was dodging fire from a different direction and the clunkiness of the user behind the controller made me rage sooooo hard.

aquamala1738d ago

disagree, this is just not the type of game that you get a huge advantage aiming with a mouse

Volkama1738d ago

Disagree, this game favours a mouse hugely. All that wall running and parkour with a pad? Fun for sure, but with a mouse you can do that while shooting the people behind you.

Kleptic1738d ago

its up to the end user to decide...

if you're bad with a mouse and keyboard (MANY actually are), you'll be fine and learn the game faster with a controller...

but if you're good with a M/K...there isn't a controller user alive that'll touch you...

KING851738d ago

I understand the greater precision part for K&M, but I use a gamepad playing BF4 and COD Ghosts and I can place in the top 3 quite often. A very experienced and great player can have an advantage over a similar person who is using a gamepad, but IMO it really boils down to the player and their skill.

jazmac1738d ago

Lol I should've expected comments like argument is then that you would be even better if you were using a keyboard and mouse, this isn't preference I'm talking about this is just a well established fact.

Just because you're top in the matches you play doesn't make your argument valid. If a controller could be just as good as a keyboard and mouse you would find top professional players using it and I'm certain that won't be the case.

Also unless they did something really really drastically different from your normal fps (can't think of one right now) the keyboard and mouse will be the superior option always in an fps because it's simply less limited.

king_george1738d ago


"This isnt preference i'm talking about this is a well established fact"

No offense but do you know what a fact is? I know its hard for some people to comprehend this, but yes there are players that are just a whole lot better with a gamepad than a K&M set up.

shwisha1738d ago

If we have to do a science experiment I'm 100% confident we could prove that a keyboard and mouse is more precise. Are you really going to say the thumb is more accurate than the arm/wrist? In that case they should build cars where you drive with your thumbs.

Yes there's a whole generation that grew up comfortable with a controller in their hand while playing FPSs. These people are automatically going to think it's a better choice because that's what they are comfortable with.

First and foremost that's the most important thing when gaming. How comfortable you are with your hardware. If your not comfortable, your not going to do well.

But the fact is a mouse gives you more control over where the cursor is on the screen at a given time. You can move it 1 pixel to the left or 180 degrees with just as much ease.

Kleptic1738d ago

King...BF4 on PC with a gamepad? top 3 'quite often'?...


that is not you, right?...but the above is most likely a very typical controller user...

and're just twisting everything around...

Jazmac is saying that there IS an established fact in competitive first person shooters that the very best players...regardless of title...are using a mouse and keyboard...there is no other input method that comes close...

while, yes, you're correct...there are m/k users that are still blatantly awful at competitive gaming (I see them daily in bf4)...that probably would do better with a controller...but bad players being slightly less bad with a controller does not all of a sudden mean that they can stand up to the people that are actually good with an m/k...that was his point...and that is fact...

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jazmac1738d ago

*No offense but do you know what a fact is? I know its hard for some people to comprehend this, but yes there are players that are just a whole lot better with a gamepad than a K&M set up.*

All I'm saying is that overall the K&M is definitely the superior method of control in an fps like take out the player and look at both control methods objectively and the K&M wins hands down.

Blues Cowboy1738d ago

True, but the article's more about the "feel" of the game rather than raw precision, though, in terms of comfort and overall enjoyment.

3-4-51738d ago

Some games play better with a controller.

Played Torchlight 1 on xbox 360 and LOVED it.

* Bought Torchlight 2 for PC and while it's better in every way, having to click click click click click, just gets real old real fast.

It's not as satisfying as using a controller, for this perticular game.

* I played Bf3 on xbox 360 just fine, and BF4 on PC feels just as good.

It's more comfortable to play games on handheld or console than on PC with keyboard & mouse.

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Eonjay1738d ago

You can plug a controller into a PC so its really all about what you are comfortable with.

Volkama1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

But if you plug a pad into a console you are on even footing with everybody else. On a PC you are wilfully handicapping yourself.

You might well prefer to play on a pad, but you will probably have an easier time of it if other people are using a pad as well.

Would be nice if the PC version factored control method into matchmaking though. Then you could have a subset of the community playing with control pads AND the best visuals.

AwkwardTaco1738d ago

I would maybe agree with this in some games. But in Titanfall, I greatly prefer using my ps4 controller.

It may just have to do with what I'm used to/comfortable with, but it seems way more optimized for a controller than a lot of other games I've tried. I'm usually at or near the top of the leaderboard and my stats have actually gone up since using a controller. Personal preference I guess.

spoiky1738d ago

I have both PC and Xbox One versions and I must say I'm finding it much easier using a controller on Xbox One. I get my ass handed to me when using a mouse and keyboard on PC.

Perhaps I'm just out of practice!

RadioActiveTwinky1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

The key to this game with a controller on PC or xbone is...
Bumper Jumper.
I have been using a controller for this game and found it to be quite awesome.
I think this is the only fps game I have ever enjoyed using a controller over my usual K&M combo. I actually do quite well also surprisingly.
I say try it especially with an x360.
Remember go with the bumper jumper configuration if you do. Only on the pilot not your titan.

Greysturm1738d ago

Well the fact of the matter is shooting is more precise with mouse and keyboard but movement in general is better with a controller as it allows a 360 degree motion instead of it being limited to 8 directions. Without personalized macros a controller also requieres smaller motions to trigger different actions which gives it a slighter reaction advantage.

In the end it will come down to preference and your playstyle.

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