Titanfall Wasn’t Conceived With the Xbox One in Mind

Gamer Headlines writes: It’s fair to say that console gamers will have bought, or are on the verge of buying, an Xbox One especially to play Titanfall. However, according to Titanfall’s Lead Engineer Richard Baker, when development began on Respawn’s debut, an Xbox One version wasn’t even on the cards.

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stuna11736d ago

So the fat changed all that!? Understanding that Respawn needs TitanFall to make a mark, the same thing could have been accomplished on a bigger scale, as well as quicker if certain platforms hadn't been overlooked. But seeing as the "Powers that be!" have prevented that! Many will be left with a "What If?"..........

bggriffiths1736d ago

I think somebody from Microsoft walked past their window, and burst in with their chequebook and begged them for a port.

iamnsuperman1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

The general idea I see circulating the internet is the Respawn (then infinity ward) guys wanted to make a scifi shooter but Activision told them to F off and make another COD (which didn't sit well). So these guys buggered off (in an extremely public/messy way) and made their own studio. EA saw this and thought "ahah we might have a way at betting COD". So they started making Titanfall. Microsoft need a new ip for their next console and EA thought Microsoft's next console would sell more than its competitors (perfect match there). So Microsoft handed over some money to get an exclusive deal (with some conditions that it had to be on the 360 and PC). This is highlighted by the developers seeming a little pissed at EA for going behind their back and securing a deal

Then Titanfall was born for the masses to enjoy. But what confuses me is why Activision passed on this idea. We could have had Titanfall years ago and it isn't so far off the path of what these guys were making back then (not risky)

Godmars2901736d ago

Because Activision has COD and has yet to run it into the ground. Be in need of a new IP to exploit.

Hicken1736d ago

They didn't want the Call of Duty cash cow to be in danger. They had no desire to run the risk of Titanfall potentially eating at some of CoD's sales.

And, of course, it would be a new IP; you know how big publishers view those. They were probably pretty glad that MS broke out the check book, because that meant less of a financial risk for them, even at the expense of greater exposure with it being a real multiplat.

bggriffiths1736d ago

Activision are good at letting quality slip through their fingers. They are the same publishers that dumped an almost finished Sleeping Dogs (aka True Crime: Hong Kong) because they didn't think it would sell enough to recover marketing costs. "Thanks!" said Square Enix.

ultra71736d ago

Im sure you idiots can read so go to a search engine and type in Titanfall Wiki and you will see the truth.