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"Tower of Guns is a rouge-like FPS where players are given a choice of a firearm and perk and then are left to their own devices for survival in a world of scrap metal cannons, sentient buzz saws and roaming explosives. As the player progresses, they will grab a variety of drops that allow them to level up their gun, making it stronger and more accurate. Each hit reduces your gun’s level meter, so your actual health bar becomes somewhat of an afterthought as you struggle to stay as powerful as possible.

But when shear skill and level advantage just won’t cut it, the game provides a series of mods and power-ups that can spawn anywhere at any time. Enemies have a small chance of dropping upgrades that will offer a variety of benefits (or hindrances) to the player. While you have your expected effects such as armor, health, luck, etc., the developers added a few that explains the uproar during the demo.

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