inFAMOUS Second Son: Delsin’s Ruthless Powers in Action

Sony has just released an 8-minute gameplay preview for inFamous: Second Son. The gameplay clip features Delsin teaming up with Fetch Walker, a conduit who can manipulate neon, to take out a group of anti-conduit protesters.

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GarrusVakarian1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Oh man! That was awesome...ARRGHHHH the wait is killing me.

I love how the DUP soldiers just explode into particles upon head shotting them and the destruction is looking fantastic.

Dat traversal too! Great to see gameplay from someone who knows what he is doing also, makes the game look so much better than when those clueless journalists play them....although he does seem a bit lost around the 4:40 mark, lol.

ArchangelMike1735d ago

The next seven days are going to be a bit of a nightmare trying to avoid spoliers and media overdose. My media backout attempt officially failed miserably :)

hazeblaze1735d ago

Yea, I almost didn't click on this article... but I'm so thirsty for anything inFamous right now, I couldn't help it.

I hope those of us with the digital pre-order are able to start playing at 12:01 on the 21st w/ no hitches!

Infamous2981735d ago

The reflections on the wet streets and windows are amazing !:D

abzdine1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

next gen definitely starts march 21st.

GW2121735d ago

Ha, me too. I kept telling myself not to hit play... but then, next thing I know, I'm hitting play.

Utalkin2me1735d ago

Not only the attention to detail is astounding, the movement looks so fluid through the map.

Kingthrash3601735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

clicked play, watched 1 min, cold shower.
in that order.
7 days....i need to hibernate for 7 days.

supes_241735d ago

I'm loving all these comments! I can't wait til nxt Friday! Thanks for the comments so I don't have to watch the video, reading them made me feel positive about the "next gen-ness" of this game so I don't have to watch the video and have spoilers. I'm also avoiding anything related to the game til I play it for myself. I want to be completely surprised without anything giving me clues as to what to expect.

BitbyDeath1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Greatness arriving March 21.
Bout time we got this nextgen party started.

morganfell1735d ago

It will be interesting to see the sales of inFamous since the PS4 won the NPD for February. The thing is a beast. I have already preorderd two copies (one is a gift)

Anthotis1734d ago

That neon stuff seems to work the same as smoke, but different FX.

Are the powers gonna just be pallet swaps or something?

NewMonday1734d ago


powers have different parameters like power/speed/range/accuracy

also they give different traversal ability.

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HurtfulTimez1735d ago

Agreed that was so awesome i didnt even want the video to end lol, guess im just gonna have to hold out until the 21st, day one purchase most definately!

Rikuide_Furame1735d ago

As someone who put God knows how many hours into the original (good and bad karma had to be done) the ability to just burst up the side of a building in a flash of neon is the single greatest thing they could do!

gameslayer24111735d ago

Agreed! After playing through 1 and 2 scaling building got extremely tasking! Loved both karma stories but climbing over and over tapping X got frustrating especially when he missed and fell -_- lol but yes so glad that traversing the City in this one seems so smooth!

Irishguy951734d ago

Agreed, it's a welcome change to the power lines

DeadRabbits1735d ago

We have the DUP in Northern Ireland who would make the US Tea Party look like a bunch of hipsters!

GarrusVakarian1735d ago

Eating neon is bad for your health.

Can't you see what it does to those DUP soldiers?

Crystallis1735d ago

The smoke that disappears from the chick is awesome. Nice little touch!

FlunkinMonkey1735d ago

Lukas, do you know when the review embargo is lifted?

adorie1735d ago

Embargo should already have been lifted.

USMC431734d ago

March 20, day before.

adorie1734d ago

March 21st. I had my sources mixed with Titanfall embargo. :S

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geddesmond1735d ago

lol downgraded graphics my ass. Haters gonna hate.

adorie1735d ago

Yeah, I didn't see a downgrade, but Youtube sucks and the only way to get those GG screen caps is to do it directly from the PS4, or from a source who has done the same.

Anon19741735d ago

Ok. I gotta say, I wasn't really paying attention to this game. Infamous, no Cole...meh. Maybe I'll check it out.

Then I watched this and this has suddenly jumped up onto the top of my "this needs to be in my PS4 now" list. Looks like a blast!

webeblazing1735d ago

that video was horrible to watch. youtube video is completely washed out and the dude sucked. why do they pick people that dont know how to play this. not once in all the video have someone use combos with powers. the second half of the video he run AWAY from the enemy. he even use special when no one was there. whats the point in posting a horrible video like this. in the last two infamous i had a habit in not letting the enemy die with combos. i know hes powers different but serious. dude playing it like its a shooter

AngelicIceDiamond1735d ago

Lol at people who claimed "it got downgraded" wow.

This vid proves otherwise.

AndrewLB1734d ago

Can anyone explain what's up with the LOD? The level of detail really goes to crap not very far from the character, so much so that the ground looks like an old school gradient with zero detail.

And don't call this depth-of-field because if that were the case you wouldn't be able to read the signs because they're even further away.

It's not ocular focus either, because that would produce a radial blurring that increases towards the edge of the screen.

In contrast, this is what Ocular blur and depth-of-field should look like...
And when looking out towards a distant object the area of focus lengthens, reducing the blurring effect much like you'd experience yourself or while shooting photos with an SLR camera.

Perhaps it's youtube compression, but last I checked, that doesn't selectively blur areas of video like poor LOD implementation would

die_fiend1734d ago

Who claimed it was downgraded? The people who saw that article about the lighting being different.

If so, you can ignore those people as they're simpletons. You wouldn't have a game working on PS4 only and then downgrade it would you. With Watch Dogs there is stuff to scale, but obviously they'll want that to look as good as it possibly can. But we're talking about a game being made exclusively for the most powerful console, it's only ever going to get better with time and if reading this is the first time you're realising, maybe gaming isn't for you

frostypants1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Holy crap @2:45. I thought previous videos of that stuff was just cinematics. This game has some awesome camera work. The dialogue from the laser chick is bad though. "Here's a little trick I like to call LASER!"...erm, she supposed to be 10? At the same time, the main character's dialogue is pretty entertaining. Very Uncharted-esque.

That said this game looks stunning, especially at rooftop level.

Old McGroin1735d ago

Never been a fan of the inFamous games but I have to admit this looks pretty impressive.

xer01735d ago

Same here.
But this is a day 1 buy! :)

liquidhalos1735d ago

Oh man, i cant wait. Ive avoided nearly all the videos for this because of spoilers, i had no idea it looked this good. Gameplay looks so fluid too. How many powers does he have?

solar1734d ago

i have no dog in the console wars. I am a PC gamer that has owned a Ps3/PC last gen, and ill always be a PS fan even though i hate the PS fanboys, the second The Last Guardian is announced to hit PS4 ill buy one.

however, i dont find this game graphically amazing like the majority on N4G. good looking game, yes. good looking game. but watching that gameplay video, there is a lot of missing graphics features that are not in the first build we saw.

GarrusVakarian1734d ago

"there is a lot of missing graphics features that are not in the first build we saw."


I'm sorry, but i disagree and think that is a gross exaggeration. The newest/final build gameplay videos look better than it did at E3.

Ozmoses1734d ago

Spring Break hit just at the perfect time!

ITPython1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

Watching the video right now, and so far it is the amazing gameplay I would expect from an Infamous game!

Although I think whoever recorded this video is only recording certain channels in the audio, as it has a very subdued sound quality to it, like a lot of audio detail is missing (for example, audio that gets pushed to the rear speakers and center speaker).

I had this happen on all my gameplay recordings with my HD-PVR on my PS3 because my DAC only output audio from the left and right channel, but left everything else out and didn't scale the audio together. So it sounded hollow and empty compared to the full recording.

A good example of this is around the 1:52 mark where she says something like "what do you think, smoke?". You hear the girl talking but it sounds really muffled. Her voice was probably going through the rear speakers but since the recorded audio in the vid is only the left and right channel, it only picked up a low hum of her voice.

I sure hope that is what's going on, cause it sounds far too quite and empty in this vid!

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XiSasukeUchiha1735d ago

Infamous the most exciting game of March is coming!

IamHaru1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

South Park (amazing, btw), Dark Souls 2, and Titanfall beg to differ. But, yeah... incredible month! Game looks amazing though and even better than I imagined.

FlameHawk1735d ago

Na, inFamous > all games released in March.

scott1821735d ago

Yeah, dark souls 2 looks great as well. But Infamous has something special about it, looks absolutely incredible.

asmith23061735d ago

While all great games, I think Infamous is the first big next-gen title to be released.

frostypants1735d ago

This looks good, but I started playing Dark Souls 2 last night's pretty damn amazing. Good month for games.

KrisButtar1735d ago

The video looks good until you go full screen and then things start to look blurry. I'm watching it in the "1080" but I'm guessing the blurry is because its a YouTube video? Little help here if anyone can explain.

GarrusVakarian1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

It's Youtube. Their video's are highly compressed to save space. Their "730p" and"1080p" settings suffers because of it.

Don't worry, it'll look nice and crisp on your TV, provided you have a full HDTV ;)


Unfortunately not, unless Sony or SP release the direct feed versions for download. Gamersyde is the best website for direct feed videos, but they don't have this footage available for download either.

KrisButtar1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Is there a better way to see these videos, maybe DL them? I have a HDTV that's native 1080p. and have the game pre ordered :)

Thanks, never heard of Gamersyde but I'll check it out. Bubbles for everyone with the help

morganfell1735d ago


Nothing we can do unless Gamersyde receives the video and then posts an HD .mp4 version. They do not always get a hi res version from the publisher or dev and so often refuse to post the lower res versions.

But if it happens then that would be the place to go. I just checked and there is nothing up yet.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

It will look blurry if your display isn't actually 1080p, if you watch a YouTube vid at 1080p but on a standard laptop/desktop display 1366x768 it will look blurry you need a 1080p display to see the full benefits of fullHD

Also YouTube compresses the hell out of HD video

XiNarutoUzumaki1735d ago

Ever heard of Youtube degradation?

HurtfulTimez1735d ago

You just basically answered your own question lol, yes its blurry because it is on youtube regardless if you are viewing in 1080

KrisButtar1735d ago

I believed something was wrong because when game trailers come out(for any game) people say it looks awesome and when I watch it, it looks blurry.

TomahawkX1735d ago

find some 1080 screenshots to see what it will look like.

DJ1734d ago

Yeah, Youtube compresses everything down to a blurry mess.

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GentlemenRUs1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Well now I'm pumped as hell for the 21st :P

And everyone kept saying that this game has been downgraded... I pity those fools!

EDIT: I'm not watching the Video though, Wana keep everything locked up till next week.

ThMarkedmenSocom1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Looks amazing. You'll notice people just driving around like nothing going on.. Lol I don't know about you, but If I was driving and I seen people shooting lazers and smoke I would crap my pants and throw it in reverse... Probably both at the same time.

Volkama1735d ago

I don't think you'll be too concerned about the actions of the pedestrians while you are zipping about though. Maybe a little annoyed by the noise that it makes when he uses some of those neon powers though.

Game looks ace, I'm on the fence about whether to get a PS4 now or later.

MidnytRain1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The neon doesn't look as satisfying to use as smoke or electricity. Something was missing from that vid. Maybe some sound effects or something. Also, does anyone know if Delsin can climb poles and things like Cole can? It looks like he just flies over everything.