PS4 Allowed inFamous Second Son's Engine To Have Tens of Thousands of Particles Without Any Trouble

Sucker Punch co-founder, Chris Zimmerman talks about the benefits of PS4's architecture.

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thereapersson1739d ago

Hey wait just a minute, Lukas! Didn't you hear that the game was gimped before release? I saw it with my own eyes on a horribly compressed YouTube video that isn't even the native game resolution!


curtis921739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

It's true! I was really stoked about that leaked footage until a fanboy told me he thought it looked downgraded. So now, obviously, I must move on and forget this title exists.


XiNarutoUzumaki1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Lol. The only difference I saw was that the time settings were different. The game wasn't downgraded, just it looks different from E3 lightning-wise

Those gif are part of the final product, and It doesn't look as bad as some noobs make it to be.

RebelWAC1739d ago

Oh no! This must be true! Pre order canceled!

GarrusVakarian1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yeah,don't believe my GIFS, don't believe the most recent gameplay videos, don't believe the latest direct feed screenshots that all show the game looking better than any of the previous builds....instead, look at screenshots the game at a completely different time of day with completely different lighting conditions that are horribly washed out/compressed and make your judgement from those...because that's obviously the more accurate representation!


malokevi1739d ago

Can we apply the same logic to Watchdogs, then? because a lot of the same faces here using the /s tag are the same ones making all sorts of noise about the Watchdogs "downgrade".

GarrusVakarian1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


Yeah, seems i was wrong about Watch Dogs. I was one of the people doubting Ubisoft...but when i went to GAF and saw some of the other GIF's from 2014 PS4 footage, i realised i was wrong. It actually still looks pretty damn good visually.

Not *quite* as good as 2012, but that was to be expected seeing as it was running on PC then. But it looks nowhere near as bad as that awful GIF with the car jumping over the bridge.

thereapersson1739d ago

@ malokevi

I hope you aren't referring to me as one of those people because while I feel Ubisoft wouldn't be above doing something like that, I am still waiting to play the game when it launches to see if they are still able to supply the vibrant, dynamic world they advertised so long ago.

I know for a FACT that Sucker Punch can deliver on their vision because they have proven it numerous times with their previous titles' technical competence.

stuna11739d ago

No it's just that some are of the frame of mind, that since one consoles games are suffering downgrades, that that automatically means that the same holds true for this console games!

On topic though; Imfamous SS is going to ignite some serious debate in the coming weeks! Like, that can't be a PS4 game! I for one am stoked! Not only for this game, but for what I know is to follow.

thereapersson1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


Yeah, just think, we aren't even 6 months into this new console generation. Imagine what we will be seeing a year or two from now when Sony starts dropping more games from the stable of exclusive franchises they have at their disposal. Not to mention the fact that we are already seeing extra content not available anywhere else and developers constantly praising how easy it is to extract power from the console.

Oh yes, this generation will be a good one for sure!

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Septic1739d ago

The game looks so sick. I wish I had those powers in real life p_p

GarrusVakarian1739d ago

Me too, here's hoping we get 'Inception' style dream chambers in the near future so we can fly around Seattle in a blaze of neon.

Crystallis1739d ago

The lighting is insane. Cant not wait!

curtis921739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Hmm I dunno, I'll have to cross check with early footage to make sure a few particles weren't downgraded before I can determine If I can enjoy those gifs or not.

XiSasukeUchiha1739d ago

Good for them bring on the game!

chrissx1739d ago

Ps4 is gonna allow for alotta great next gen effects without problems

webeblazing1739d ago

huh these are old gfx effects. nicely done tho. i think infamous has all the next gen console games beat so far, even the ones that been announced.

gamer78041739d ago

This new generation is starting out looking amazing, Infamous, Ryse, Killzone, Quantum Break and The Order. So psyched!

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