Japanese Playstation 4 Sales Slow Below WiiU Levels

GamerzUnite looks at the first 3 weeks of Japanese PlayStation 4 sales and how the WiiU had a much more successful launch. The numbers still are a huge improvement over the PlayStation 3 launch... but is Japan ever going to embrace consoles again, or is handheld/mobile here to stay?

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PSNintyGamer1736d ago

I predict this will be above 1000

IanVanCheese1736d ago

indeed it will. It's not a fair comparison tbh, Wii U released in the holidays, PS4 in new year when everyone is poor as hell. Combine that with a lack of japan-centric games and it adds up. PS4 will gain momentum as the japanese games start to fly out.

PSVita1736d ago

It's came out less than a month ago lol

TomShoe1736d ago

Oh em gee. Welcome to every console launch in history.

3-4-51736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

They both need games.

THIS IS FACT, for all systems/consoles.

When PS4 gets more games, sales in the US & Japan will increase, same with XB1 & Wii U.

* 3DS starting selling better once it got more games. The price cut helped, but it was just a cheaper system with no games until the games arrived.

* PSP was still selling well because it had a ton of games, same with the DS.

PS2 was still selling because it had a ton of games and a HUGE install base....STILL.

Games are all the matters.

* How cool would your SNES have been with 1/8 of the games ?

* How about the Sega Genesis, or NES, or PS1 or N64 ?

Those systems would have sucked without games.

GAMES are what kept the N64 sales going.

* SEGA screwed the DREAMCAST by devoting too much money to hardware and not.....GAMES.

In an industry revolving around games, GAMES are all that matters.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1736d ago

psp sold well because of mp3 and video playback with games and piracy. Most psp sold in the west were for multimedia function. Because there was no iphone or android or smart phone.

izumo_lee1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

First of all the Wii U released during the holiday season which will inflate sales regardless of system. While the PS4 released during a relative slow week.

Japan is very dependent on software & as of now the PS4 is lacking real Japanese games that interest the Japanese. Yakuza is a good start but still that series although popular was also released on the PS3, in fact many games for the PS4 have the PS3 equivalent & sometimes a Vita one.

If you look at the charts Sony systems are all over the charts. The PS3, the Vita, even the PSP are still selling quite well over in Japan. Sony is the only one with multiple hardware to choose from that sell consistently every month.

Sure the PS4 is having a slow start in its native land but wait until the real software start consistently rolling out than we will see a vast difference.

Try writing this article again at the end of the year.

GSKerns1736d ago

Try reading the article first, all those points are addressed.

izumo_lee1736d ago

I'm not disagreeing with the article but i find it premature to think that the PS4 is going to tank in Japan when no software of interest has released over there.

The Wii U is different cause Nintendo has released some of their heavy hitters but that hasn't helped it one bit, maybe Mario Kart or Zelda may change things.

Handhelds have always been popular in Japan. Their console history hasn't been very big at all if you look at sales in Japan over the years. Heck even the most successful console in history the PS2 only sold 24 million lifetime over there. To think that the PS4 is going to have out of this world numbers over in Japan isn't going to happen not matter what some may think.

If it could do 10 million in Japan over its time that will be a success. Like your article says there are a lot of factors that are hampering the PS4 sales but that shouldn't mean its the end for it in Japan.

Lovable1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )


You're reading too much into it.

At this point in time, only fools will say PS4 will tank on this and that...

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1736d ago

Uh they comparing launch sales not current sales. So why are you bringing the recent released and upcoming games in this. SM3DW moved Wii U from 10,000 to 110,000 from Nov. 21 to Xmas

darthv721736d ago

I dont believe the PS4 will tank either but you have to consider the rise in popularity of other forms of entertainment as a factor that could be detracting the masses from buying consoles (in general) like they did years before.

But there is always hope that a game will be released that brings back the couch potato gamer.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1736d ago

Vita released in holiday
3DS released in February.

Your point is?

izumo_lee1736d ago

@ otakudjking

My point is does it really matter that the PS4 is selling below the Wii U at this point? Like I said it is premature for these types of articles to show up as often as they do.

So SM3DW boosted the sales of the U but it really hasn't helped it in the long run has it? That's why the U is having much more a tougher time than the PS4. The U has released major titles the PS4 has yet to do so.

Also everyone thinks that the handheld market is just now dominating the Japanese market. Handheld has been the go to gaming device ever since the original Gameboy was released, so it's not a new thing. What is new is the emergence of phone/mobile gaming. That is what is hurting the console sales not handhelds.

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DarkLord10031736d ago

Ps4 has no japanese games. That's the Problem imo.

TriforceLightning1736d ago

Correction: PS4 has no good Japanese games. Battlefield 4 is outselling Yakuza Isshin. This should be a seen as a sign of trouble but most will brush it off to the platform being delayed in the region. It's not.

fonger081736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

It is true that the PS4 needs some Japanese appealing games, we also have to consider this console has only been out a month, so let's not go all doom and gloom. That being said, mobile gaming is a beast in Japan and to sit back say it doesn't have an influence over sales is being blind to the gaming trend over there.

InTheLab1736d ago

I actually thought the delay in Japan was to stock the PS4 with Japanese games. That didn't happen so it wouldn't surprise me if sales are slumping in Japan.

Hicken1736d ago

Well, quite a few of the games they wanted to have there at launch got delayed, so it wound up not being as well-stocked with titles as we might have expected.

Team_Litt1736d ago

DriveClub and what else was delayed? Not trolling, just wanna know what these "quite a few" games are...

Team_Litt1736d ago

3 disagrees and no reply to let me know what other ps4 game was delayed -__- starting to think Hicken made it all up

randomass1711735d ago

Link to the reports saying PS4 was not well stocked?

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