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In short, no self-respecting adult would be caught dead playing Yoshi’s New Island. Which is completely fine with me, because while they’re in the corner respecting themselves, I’ll be having a blast with an excellent new take on an enduring classic.

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I really like that description paragraph

Deividas1741d ago

My fiance is SO excited for this, got to go pick it up tomorroww

DryBoneKoopa851741d ago

Picking this up tomorrow! Can't wait to revisit Yoshi's Island. I hope it has an awesome boss battle much like Super Mario World 2 had. We need SMW2 on the virtual console ASAP!!!

WeAreLegion1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Frick! I don't have enough money to buy a 3DS again. Lol. I'll have to wait a bit. I can't wait to get this though!

The metacritic isn't great right now, but it seems fun from what I've been reading.