Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition Review (Chomp On This Gaming)

"I’m not the first person who will get excited about mowing down an endless zombie horde. Don’t get me wrong, I love zombie games, but they are pretty hit and miss for the most part. Having not played Dead Nation back when it was originally released on the PlayStation 3, I really didn’t know what to expect. Let’s just say the end result was similar to a first date that started out poorly, but ultimately finished on a good note." - Zack Nuckels

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KrisButtar1736d ago

I recommend people try this game. I had fun with this game and enjoyed co-op. The aiming was a bit sensitive to my liking though.

steveg25641736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I agree, Kris. I'm all over the place with the aiming. It would be nice to be able to adjust the sensitivity. Maybe there is a way to do that, but I couldn't find anything.

Clogmaster1736d ago

Is there a way to adjust sensitivity if it's 1:1 with the degree your analog stick is aimed?

Mackonthemoon1736d ago

I really enjoy this game. I think it has lasting appeal, mostly with multiplayer. My one gripe, and it's extremely annoying, is that the private match option almost never works. Every time I select private game to invite a friend online it always matches me with a random person. On top of that there is no option to boot or remove the player. Makes trying to play with a friend a hassle. Other than that thumbs up.

Maxor1736d ago

This game is really meh. Instead of being an undead dungeon/city crawler with randomly generated levels it turned out to be nothing more than a series of canned arena fights.