Review: 'Titanfall' a Beauty and a Beast of a Game - ABC News

"Titanfall" is the ambitious inaugural game from Respawn Entertainment, a studio that includes developers who worked on the landmark "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" series. It's clear after spending a few days clashing with Titans that they've changed the game again, refreshing the static shoot-'em-up genre with this fabulously fluid sci-fi shooter.

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christocolus1734d ago

" 'Titanfall' a Beauty and a Beast of a Game "- ABC News

Nice..Thats definitly one way to describe this

jy_mrnd1734d ago

Awesome game enjoying every minute of it.

AutoCad1734d ago

besides the little hiccups like framerate drop on some occasions.this game is all that was advertised to be.

Good Job respawn.

DarkLord10031734d ago

Have payed it the last 3 hours on my PC but it does nothing for me. Am I out of touch? Am I the one who is not normal??? It's just not fun to me personally.... HELP

AutoCad1734d ago

just not the type of game for you,i guess.
Dont mean the game is bad.

Pandamobile1734d ago

Try having a bit of fun with it. While Titan Fall does a great job of acclimatizing players to the basics of its crazy world, you are expected to develop your skills further and find the best way to play the game.

For me that means I'm always moving, bouncing off walls and propelling myself around the map at breakneck speeds, which typically allows me to get the drop on any pilots I find and massacre grunts from afar.

My friend plays the game entirely differently, sneaking around while invisible, hacking spectres, sneaking up on unsuspecting players and being a pain in the ass to any titan foolish enough to get close to his arc mines.

The great thing about Titan Fall is that you have a pretty diverse playground in which to find your preferred style of play. Once you find the weapon kit and perks that you like, that's when the game really begins.

DarkLord10031734d ago

You're right
Perhaps I have to invest a little bit more time into the game.

shinrock1734d ago

Respwan delivered as far as im concered. It plays great and looks great.

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