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Phil Spencer: We shouldn't have sugar-coated the Xbox One controversy

Speaking at the SXSW Gaming Expo 2014 in Austin, Texas, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has conceded that Microsoft's Xbox One messaging across the May 2013 reveal event and E3 2013 could have been handled better. Spencer is adamant, however, that all of it came from a good place - Totalxbox (Microsoft, Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   442d ago | Well said
Woof tickets being sold! An apology after the fact is not my idea of owning up to a mistake! The fact that a truth comes out before an acknowledgement is in all case in point leaving the person or entity withholding the truth, no other course of action!

To put it simply; Microsoft has been forced to tell the truth.
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MightyNoX  +   442d ago | Well said
I don't consider it an apology more of a 'sleight of hand'. I don't consider telling people that they were 'too primitive' for Microsoft's vision to be sugar-coating. It was straight up offensive.

Phil's just trying to repair the damage. The market's rejected their vision and tonight's NPD should be proof of that.
White-Knight  +   442d ago
They should just fix the problems they have with their console.
I don't want publicity on my console.
-Foxtrot  +   441d ago
The thing about Phil, is that most people are praising what he's saying lately but all he's doing is telling people what they WANT to hear because, as you've already said, to repair the damage....it's his job.

I've never know Phil to be like this before the Xbox One reveal. Every article it's the same thing, at least when you have someone like Iwata, Mark Cerny or a developer in general talking it's because they are either talking about something relevant or because articles have spilt up the interview into tiny bits.
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Charybdis  +   441d ago
@MightyNoX: wow did Microsoft really said that people were just 'too primitive', that just offensive. They really should act more professional.

Don't believe that name-calling should be part of what he said: "It's better to just be direct and honest."
darthv72  +   441d ago
The road to redemption starts with a first step. The admission of a problem.

The next step is fixing the problem.

If there is genuine effort made to right the wrong then it certainly helps as well.
Septic  +   441d ago | Well said
Firstly, this is old news and we already have this interview up the other day.

Secondly, he was quite frank and admitted that what they did was wrong. So yes he is trying to 'repair the damage'. What do you want him to do? Let the wound get bigger and bigger?

"at least when you have someone like Iwata, Mark Cerny or a developer in general talking it's because they are either talking about something relevant"

You think Sony don't pander to the masses with hyperbole? Let's all burn Spencer at the stake before letting him deliver on what he's saying. Also, he was responding to a question posed by him. You want him to sit there and just be quiet?

"To put it simply; Microsoft has been forced to tell the truth."

You guys here are talking about woof tickets being sold but the kind of sensationalist nonsense you're putting out is of less substance than his response.

Phil Spencer says:

**when you're going to say something to a consumer that might put them off, it's better to just be direct and honest, rather than trying to sugar-coat something that might be controversial.**

Yet somehow, you lot have turn this into a negative whilst simultaneously lapping up every bit of hyperbole that comes out of 'your' camp.
TheTwelve  +   441d ago | Well said
Phil has been all about damage control 24/7
darthv72  +   441d ago
God DAMN Im old. I actually had to wiki "woof tickets" to understand the reference.

What the hell happened to speaking with clarity?
-Foxtrot  +   441d ago | Well said

"Secondly, he was quite frank and admitted that what they did was wrong. So yes he is trying to 'repair the damage'. What do you want him to do? Let the wound get bigger and bigger?"

The problem is it's took him, just him by the way, until NOW to "admit" it which comes across as him ONLY saying it because of the lower sales the Xbox One has and because of more people jumping onto the PS4 boat. As I've said it's what people "want" to hear.

"You think Sony don't pander to the masses with hyperbole?"

Not as bad as MS, hell even Nintendo can admit some mistakes when they want to.

"Let's all burn Spencer at the stake before letting him deliver on what he's saying"

We aren't "burning him at the stake", stop being so bloody dramatic all the time. We're just pointing out how he's only saying crap like this to sucker up to the "gaming" community the company he works for tried to screw over. It's his job...that's all. As I've said it's taken him until NOW to admit Microsoft s mistakes which comes across as he's only saying it because he has to.

When you had the PS3 hack did it take Sony almost a year to get on a conference stage, bow and apologize...no it didn't. What about when the PS3 had a rough start and they were a little arrogant, they bucked up their ideas, turned things around and it's why each year with the PS3 got better for them.

"Yet somehow, you lot have turn this into a negative whilst simultaneously lapping up every bit of hyperbole that comes out of 'your' camp"



It's only being turned into a negative because we can see right through him, he's doing it because it's HIS JOB. Where was this sort of "for the gamers" attitude last year.....oh yeah it's because Microsoft didn't see the sales numbers for the Xbox One.

What will happen is that they'll do this sort of crap until they've sold more Xbox Ones, it will look like they've turned things around and then BAM...they are right back to what they were like...all because they've gained more sales/money and got a larger install base.

'your' camp"

Oh here we go...because we are all in a camp. If you are going to call people fanboys just bloody say it.

Some people are, some aren't...don't group everyone criticizing a fanboy. I'm a gamer at heart, I like the Xbox games, I just don't like Microsoft's slimy attitude which comes off anti consumer. Are people in the wrong for being like that after what they did?
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lolCHILLbro  +   441d ago
protip if your gonna do something like always online dont spend most of your time telling people what they cant do, (lend, trade in) and tell them what they can do (no need to swap discs, FAMILY SHARING Etc.)
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FITgamer  +   441d ago
@lolChillbro Did you seriously just copy and paste someone else's comment?

OT: At least he realizes their error, hopefully this means less BS and more being straight forward with consumers in the future.
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DevilOgreFish  +   441d ago
darthv72 - "The road to redemption starts with a first step. The admission of a problem.

The next step is fixing the problem.

Games, that's how you fix a problem with any console. the number one reason why you buy a console is for the exclusives.

more exclusive deals please.
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UnholyLight  +   441d ago

It's no use, the people of N4G will never listen to sense.


Actually Phil has been saying this in many interviews a long time ago. The interview with Adam Sessler? Wasn't that like 2 months ago?
Septic  +   441d ago
"As I've said it's what people "want" to hear"

People want to hear that and he's saying it. Does it make it any less true? Or disingenuous even? It doesn't, not at this stage anyway. That's my point.

""You think Sony don't pander to the masses with hyperbole?"

**Not as bad as MS, hell even Nintendo can admit some mistakes when they want to.**

I disagree. I think Sony have, through their dire financial straits struck the magic chord with gamers (for obviously getting things right plus the dynamics within the core gaming community manifesting themselves as they have this gen) but also jumping on the fanboy glory bandwagon, as they get carried by them. Look at Andrew House and his cheap jab at MS as he smirked away at Gamescom, pandering to the masses. Everyone lapped it up. He was right, of course in what he said. But it was essentially just a transparent attempt at emotionally masturbating the gaming community.

" stop being so bloody dramatic all the time."

I cannot believe YOU have said this to me lol. Any dramatics on my part are a reflection of the responses of others. Overly dramatic, instantly dismissive, negative conflict approach mentality that has become a precedent among those who spew out the same vitriol over and over again.

"Where was this sort of "for the gamers" attitude last year....."

Maybe its down to what he Spencer said here:

" where I thought our messaging around what we believed in was confused"

"If you are going to call people fanboys just bloody say it. "

Yeah I can't as much as I want to (for reasons I can let you hazard a guess at).

"Some people are, some aren't...don't group everyone criticizing a fanboy".

Yeah but look at the people commenting on here. Their comment history doesn't exactly show rationale or objectivity or constructive criticism.

"I've never know Phil to be like this before the Xbox One reveal".

What about immediately afterwards at last year's E3. He seemed to be very passionate about studios and the games. Is that all an act too? If you're going to say yes, then the same should be said about Shahid Ahmad.
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xHeavYx  +   441d ago
The more MS talks about the issue, the more fuel they add to the fire

I would stop talking about what happened months ago. We all know how "sorry" they are by now, time to leave what happened in the past and move forward
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Nocando  +   441d ago
So if you were in MS's shoes, how would you handle their situation from here?
DigitalRaptor  +   441d ago | Well said
I agree with Foxtrot, in response to Septic.

Does my really looking forward to Quantum Break make me a fanboy?

I like and have enjoyed playing Xbox games, but that doesn't stop Microsoft from being a slimy, despicable corporation that has made far too many anti-consumer decisions for me to even think about supporting them. Me enjoying some of the games they have put out doesn't stop me from exposing their BS and their continued deception. Microsoft NEEDED this boot up their backside, and still need it, cause like Foxtrot said, Microsoft were ready and willing to screw over every single one of us, damage the industry as we know it, and if people weren't so receptive to it, gaming would be F**KED. Years and years of conscious planning went into something that damaging. Them making disguised apologies, a year later from a single person in the company means nothing, because Phil would still be right behind it all, if consumers hadn't spoken out and told THEM what we want, rather than them telling US. http://www.theguardian.com/...

Just because you are able to get past anti-consumerism Septic, doesn't mean we all can also support such disgraceful policies, attitudes, and decisions, all in the name of $$$.
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Septic  +   441d ago

"Just because you are able to get past anti-consumerism Septic, doesn't mean we all can also support such disgraceful policies, attitudes, and decisions, all in the name of $$$."

What? Man, how does that even come into what I'm saying here. I'm just saying that, he's responding to a question posed by him and he's acknowledging the mistakes MS made.

Anyway, never mind. Let's agree to disagree. There's no point arguing over this. I just think people need to chill and be level-headed.
Gozer  +   441d ago
I don't think Phil Spencer should have to apologize for the mistakes Don Mattrick made. As for fixing their mistake, MS has already gotten rid of the guy who wanted the DRM issues, and completely gotten rid of the DRM policy. I don't think MS needs to do anything else. Sony had the same situation last gen with Ken Kutaragi and the ps3. If the ps3 can overcome its bad image at the start, the X1 can overcome its bad press. The product will sell itself, all MS needs to do is keep the games coming, and market the X1 as an all in one device, and once people see how useful the X1 is it will sell fine.
RumbleFish  +   441d ago
"gamers buy consoles for games, not press events."

He is absolutely right, and he can now witness, what console customers buy for games.
Pogmathoin  +   441d ago
Foxtrot, I agree... Too little too late I guess will sum it up. The damage is done, self inflicted, and I do not like how MS turned Xbox into a negative brand. However I do like X1, the games and its multimedia features. What happened was wrong, but the reaction of some people has gone way beyond reasonable. The constant push of hatred, and please do not go back in the PS3 launch was the same, 2 wrongs do not make a right, this place has become very toxic. Fpx, you know yourself, you have made some very good commentss, valid and got slaughtered for them. People here need tp step back, and hope to see Nintendo, MS and Sony to succeed, and do it really good. Its the best way to see them push the envelope, and innovate. Otherwise, a dominant console would just sit back and watch the mone roll in.... Which MS assumed would happen, and Sony after PS2, Wii after a few years....
Darrius Cole  +   441d ago
What's the "right way" for you wife to tell you she is screwing somebody else?

Would it be any better if she just came right out and told you that your 5 year-old son was fathered by someone else and wasn't really your son at all?

Some things are not about how they were said. They are about the underlying fact, period.

The way the Xbone was received had nothing to do with the way Microsoft communicated with the fans. It was all about the underlying truth. Microsoft was going to take our money and give us nothing in return; on top of that, they were going to charge us $100 more than the competition.

They could have said that directly or they could have had angels whisper it to us in our sleep...the reaction would have been the same.
UltraNova  +   441d ago
I believe its too late for MS to remove the bad stigma from the xb1.

No matter how many apologies and consumer friendly decisions they make this round people will always see MS's products as Trojan horses to their real goals and mindset.

Its really sad cause I know so many people who had/have so many great times with the XBox (me included)being so alienated because of corporate megalomaniac greed.
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jebabcock  +   441d ago
another Phil Says article. yay...
SteamPowered  +   441d ago
*Wolf tickets, there chief. Dont make the 209 come down on ya.
malokevi  +   441d ago
I didn't hear an apology. I heard an admission of error. Don't see a problem with it, personally. But, I never did.

I'm in this for the games, not the controversy.
Mr Pumblechook  +   441d ago
Is it Phil Spencer week on N4G?
gamertk421  +   441d ago
@stuna. Why would someone apologize before the fact? The whole premise of an apology is resolving turmoil brought about by one's words or actions. Is it conceivable that, hindsight being 20/20, MS would have done things totally different if they could rewind? Methinks you take things a bit personal.
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stuna1  +   441d ago
Example: You break your mothers Vase, there are two actions you can take!

1) After breaking the Vase, you sweep it up and throw it in the trash, but with the explicit knowledge that you broke it and, at some point your mother is going to notice it's missing!


2) After breaking your mothers Vase, you are forthcoming and apologetic and, you come right out and tell her, before she even realizes that you broke it!

The situation speaks of a persons/business ethics!

In response of your question; which out of those examples was the course of action Microsoft took!?
kenshiro100  +   441d ago
Good analogy stuna.
r2oB  +   441d ago
@ gamertk421

I'm sorry for what I'm about to say... But you are wrong. See what I did there?
TheRedButterfly  +   441d ago
So, by your definition, the only apology that owns up to a mistake is one that is presented before the mistake takes place?
Hicken  +   441d ago
No, it's one that doesn't have to be forced out of a person, as this is, in essence.

The original mistake was at the reveal, or at least started then. Rather than own up to it, they perpetuated it, trying to justify it in whatever means they thought people would accept. Phil's really the only person I've heard apologize for what was said and done prior to all that, and it IS a little late, at this point.
ebreda  +   441d ago
So, exactly like Sony's suits apologizing for the PSN hack 3 years ago?
r2oB  +   441d ago
Is apologizing a month after a mistake exactly like apologizing several months afterwards? Is a mistake caused by others (PSN getting hacked by others) exactly like a mistake cause by yourself (willful intent to release anti consumer policies despite consumer backlash, only to backpedal after seeing lopsided pre order figures)? Do you know what exactly means?
nukeitall  +   441d ago
No, the difference is MS through their ignorance didn't realize what consumers wanted and assumed everybody would understand their vision.

Sony on the other hand willfully ignored lax security, using unpatched software that is common to fix security issues and had more than 70 million people's information get into the hands of hackers.

For all of that, they said sorry and gave you a free month of PS+. Gamers rejoice!
rdgneoz3  +   441d ago
"For all of that, they said sorry and gave you a free month of PS+. Gamers rejoice!"

And I believe a free year of credit checks.
Rhythmattic  +   441d ago

And a few free games....

Little Big Planet
Dead Nation
Wipeout HD + Fury
Super Stardust HD

And to add, I wasn't originally interested in the inFAMOUS IP...
Then I got the first instalment as a freebie.... Funny as I would of missed it otherwise....

A Brilliant Franchise....
Ah .... Mysterious ways..........
----------------------------- -----
Now Back to the point at hand.

Its early days, MS have not forgotten and its gaming audience has not Forgiven....
Its a work in progress.... Nothing wrong with that....
As for me, Im going to wait out the poo-storm and comment when sober........
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r2oB  +   441d ago
@ nukeitall

Your full of BS. You are going to sit here and say Microsoft did not realize what everyone wanted when before they officially announce the policies there was so much backlash from consumers. When it was leaked and when the whole Adam Orth fiasco happened, Microsoft could have taken that opportunity to realize what gamers wanted and back pedal before the official announcement. But they saw fit to continue to try and shaft gamers with backward policies, and only when they where getting obliterated in pre order figures did they decide to back pedal. And even when they back pedal they spun it as if consumers weren't ready for their vision, not that we did not want it, but we were not ready. Only a fool could not see that their back handed apology was more like an insult.

Oh, your hyperbole regarding the PSN hack is laughable. "Willfully ignored lax security" lol. Do you not get tired at grasping for straws? Please tell me of all the information that was stolen from the PSN hack, how many known accounts of malicious acts are there? I'll wait for the links.
GUTZnPAPERCUTZ   441d ago | Immature | show
ITPython  +   441d ago
This is essentially the same thing as a criminal who got caught and is only apologizing because they fear going to jail, not because they are sorry for what they did.

MS is only sorry for their lack of success, they don't care one bit about how they were trying to screw over their customers and the gaming industry as a whole.
gamerz  +   441d ago
Exactly. They arrogantly ignored everyone who disagreed with their horrible 'vision' and treated us with disrespect and disdain.

*Nothing* changed until the Amazon pre-orders showed we weren't fooled by their money-grabbing attempt raise prices and take a cut of everything.

They still don't give a rats ass about games or gamers and wish we all would just shut up and let them raise prices, spy and market us to death.

We didn't buy it then and we certainly don't now.
MaxwellBuddha  +   441d ago
I'm still waiting for an apology for the Forza downgrade.
AgitatedOcelot  +   441d ago
Pretty soon you'll have brand new fake E3 demos to anticipate waiting for an apology for!

Are you excited yet? I know I am.
Azzanation  +   441d ago
Don't know where your getting Truth from. MS never lied in fact they tell there consumers everything. Unlike Sony who have the same plans yet hide and don't tell anybody. Don't be Thick and Blind. Sony now charge for 2 subscriptions, They had the PS Camera included with every PS4 box, They stated Killzone SF was 1080p/60 frames, They have future DRM, They haven't told us why they got rid of Amy Hennig from NG. There's a lot Sony are hiding from there consumers.

If there's any company I trust its Microsoft, because there out-front with everything.
kenshiro100  +   441d ago
They're out front?


Then what about the XB360 fiasco? What about now?
Azzanation  +   441d ago

What are you talking about 360? Please explain so I can understand and reply to your comment?
rdgneoz3  +   441d ago
@ Azzanation Probably talking about all the RROD crap at the beginning.
Kivespussi  +   441d ago
There's more to MS than what they've done with the Xbox division. Remember what they did to Nokia? It cost 15k jobs and the 'national pride' to Finland. (which is a HUGE amount for a country so small)

It's true that Sony could've had DRM at the beginning. But there's no proof to that so so far it's only fanboy speculation.
Point being even though sony and MS both have done some questionable moves, it's still way more obvious that MS is in the industry for the money and nothing else. And to get that money they are willing to do fairly much anything. Even including super accurate kinect only because that way they can milk some more cash through ads. (Say five great AAA games that even use kinect aside from voice recognition)
N2NOther  +   441d ago
Uhm, an apology can only be given after the fact and it pretty much is exactly owning up to a mistake.

Not arguing any of your other points though.
rdgneoz3  +   441d ago
So apologizing almost a year later is the same as apologizing right after the fact? Try that on a gf/wife and see how that goes...
r2oB  +   441d ago
Not sure why there are so many people in this thread saying that an apology can only be given after the fact, when in fact that is false. An apology can be given before the fact, its usually lead with... "I'm sorry for what I'm about to do".
N2NOther  +   441d ago

Who said "right" after the fact?
TheSaint  +   441d ago
And you're just learning this now MS?
asmith2306  +   441d ago
Yeah, f**k MS. After all that anti consumer bullsh!t at E3 they are never getting my money again.
Mister_Dawg  +   441d ago
Hold on there pal.
Forced to tell the truth. They didn't lie!
They told us what was going to happen with XB1 at the reveal and then loads of people complained. I not being one of them!

So he's acknowledged that the direction they wanted to take wasn't what many consumers wanted. He's acknowledged that MS message was very confusing and people, quite rightly, got uptight and didn't like what they were hearing.

So he has apologised for that and is trying his best to make amends for the poor showing last year.

So please, quit the amateur dramatics and play the games.
r2oB  +   441d ago
When you say they didn't lie, do you mean about something specific or in general? Because I recall them lying about always on not being able to be "switched off". They also lied about Kinect being necessary for the console to function. They also lied about the power difference prior to launch (stating the One is as powerful as the PS4). Did they lie about the cloud increasing the power of the console?
Mister_Dawg  +   441d ago

The always online as they wanted it run, required the checking in with MS every 24 hours, not being always online. For what they were trying to do with digital sharing, I fully understand this need to counter any piracy.

Kinect being necessary is to make developers know they have the same system to work with and produce experiences that you will NEVER see on PS4.

Power difference you say. I have yet to see a better console game than Ryse. Which is on the weaker system. So tell me. On paper, the PS4 is more powerful. Yet why do the games not show this?

And your last sentence is a waste of space.

Good day.
AgitatedOcelot  +   441d ago
They told you the Xbox was going to be 10x more powerful with the all mystical and amazing cloud. Would you characterize that as a fib? exaggeration? Or do you still believe a 10Mbps capped comcast connection is going to take you to a level above a $6000 gaming pc very soon?

They also told you it was the most powerful console known to man, that kinect would work butter smooth and flawless all the time, and that they used esram for balance rather than because they wanted to use cheap ddr3 ram.

If they want to stop sugar coating things for real, they are going to have to come out and say look, we have the slower, clunkier, more expensive console, and we plan to try to make you buy it by paying off game developers for exclusives, and dangling halo over your heads. And realistically we know you're going to buy it because so many of you bought 6 consoles in a row that stacked up like dominoes as they all keeled over from the RROD.

Oh and by the way we plan to keep making you pay a monthly fee for basic features like netflix.
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christocolus  +   442d ago
Yeah, they probably shouldnt have sugar coated anything, the mixed messaging and bad pr didnt help either, but i believe the path Phils taking now will help get them back on the right track.sony may be their competition but theres no doubt ms could learn a few things from their approach to games and their audience.Im actually happy with the fact that they seem to have realised this sooner rather than later..signs of good things to come...

Great job Phil.
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WeAreLegion  +   441d ago
Agreed. Humility goes a long way. Everyone needs a good shake-up every once in awhile. Oh, man... I'm about to go to lunch. I wonder if anyone around here makes shake-ups.
Rainstorm81  +   441d ago
Honestly.........do u agree with ANYTHING Microsoft guys say?

Good or Bad you are always championing what they say....sad to see

OT: Nearly a year later and NOW they are feeling regrets? PS4 sales must be getting to them
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cleft5  +   441d ago
They are getting outsold like 2 to 1 I believe. So yeah, they are all apologetic now, but had they got away with what they planned they would not be apologizing for anything. This is just more damage control.
hankmoody  +   441d ago
How is five months nearly a year? And why is it that you can't give the guy credit for admitting that they screwed up in terms of communication? If anything, I think it's more sad that you can't give the guy a benefit of a doubt when he's out there in public making (or at least trying to) amends. Hell, even I can't deny that they came off like jerks at first so it's not like I'm here defending their words but to me, it looks like they're making a sincere effort to right their wrongs so in that respect, I can give the guy a little credit.
stuna1  +   441d ago
What's really quite funny to think about is the fact that if 1) Microsoft hadn't changed their policies I don't think the Xbox1 would have crossed the 3 million consoles sold threshold yet and 2) If Microsoft had come out the gate slaughtering the PS4 sales what would Microsoft be saying they had handle wrong!?

If anything Microsoft supporter would be feeling the sting of Microsoft whips across their backsides.
christocolus  +   441d ago
I agree with Phil. Yeah i do.i respect the guy too.He is always on point and besides i dont see anything wrong with his comment here. He commends sony and N on their approach to gaming, admits the problems which other execs wouldnt admit and he communicates more with xbx fans via social media now and actively working on securing content for the console.. He is honestly doing his best whats there not to like about the guy?i follow him on twitter, he always replies my tweets and that of others i know. His responses arent just for PR the guy is turning things around...i.e his interview with GK has been getting real positive feedback online and this is mostly due to his straightforward and candid answers to the questions he was asked by GK.

Dude i dont hold grudges or carry fanboy bias with me where ever i go...its a narrow minded approach and i cant help it if a certain faction of gamers do that..its your own way of thinking. Im happy with the guy and his direction, im happy with the xbox one too. i'll agree with him as long as what he says and does remains on point.
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spicelicka  +   441d ago
Umm I don't know if u r reading the same thing as me but he clearly disagreed with MS in half of his paragraph, seems like u only picked up things that could support your comment.
Rainstorm81  +   441d ago
Uh @hank did u read the article....Spencer is referring to the May 2013 x1 unveil.... Hence nearly a year

Also why give credit when this could've been said in May...or in June after E3.....or prior to the X1 launch.......Not after they see themselves behind in territories they owned last gen, that makes it seem a bit disingenous.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   442d ago
Sugar coating would of have made the difference in the first place after all these ideas that they put on last year it's was dude for controversy.
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WeAreLegion  +   441d ago
I think it's a step in the right direction. I still don't fully understand it though. If you're going all-digital, why do you need to check up on us every 24 hours, even for single-player games? Steam doesn't do this. It makes no sense.
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AnEwGuY  +   441d ago
Can you even play Steam games without signing in (online)?? I've never looked into offline play, simply because I'm very literally "always online". There have been a few instances where my router connection was cycling right as I tried to open Steam, and it wouldn't open, because it couldn't detect a connection to the internet.
HammockGames  +   441d ago
Yup, Steam has an offline mode.

I don't think it's permanent (eventually you have to sign in - matter of days I believe). But I thought valve was working on a permanent/long-term offline option too.
AnEwGuY   441d ago | Off topic | show
-Foxtrot  +   441d ago
They didn't even sugar coat it, they bluntly and arrogantly stated things about the Xbox One when it was revealed, right up to E3.....even after in some parts.

"we have a product for people who can't get online, it's called Xbox 360"

"We can't just flip a switch" - NEXT DAY <FLIPS SWITCH>

"I mean we’re really not going to change anything we’ve done with Xbox One.” – Major Nelson"

"We’re over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get."

Then you have Adam Orth's "deal with it". I mean thats as blunt as you can get.
#5 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(37) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
cleft5  +   441d ago
Yep, they treated gamers like they treat people who buy their Windows OS. Basically, they said here is how things are and if you don't like it too bad for you. Unlike the PC market, there is a real alternative to Microsoft in the console market. Because of this and Sony taking the opposite stance Microsoft shot themselves in the foot and now are being heavily outsold.

If people overlook this fact because of a few empty words and Phil Spencer telling folks what they want to hear now then Microsoft will be back in a situation to screw over gamers yet again. You need only look at the PC Market and Windows 8 too see what happens when Microsoft has the majority share. I hope people aren't gullible enough to start thinking Microsoft is different because they are telling them what they want to hear.

Words are cheap, free, and can change on a dime. Lets see some real actions on Microsoft part that show that they get it before we all jump on the Microsoft is cool now wagon.
Manic2014  +   441d ago
To be fair the first statement was from Don Mattrick, and we all know how big of a dick that guy is.
BX81  +   441d ago
@ foxtrot be real man it took time for them to fix things. It wasn't a flip of a switch. They put years into the xb1 so of course they weren't gonna say if you don't like it let us know we can change years of development in one day. That's why some of the features we see as basic were missing at launch. They had a vision and told the world about it. Most didn't see that the time was right to head down that road so they changed it. As for over delivering in value. I think as of now the xb1 has more value than the ps4 in game line ups. As for the product for people who can't get online. Yeah it's called a 360. I don't see anything wrong with stating that. Off line wasn't in their plan.
Ocsta  +   441d ago
This guy irritates the candy coated c**p out of me. Everything about him screams "douchebag".
iNFAMOUZ1  +   441d ago
Why cause he's getting tons of new games and studios, and apologized in the behalf of his bosses and company, please get a life
TheRealHeisenberg  +   441d ago
That is exactly why. The continued anti-MS rhetoric is ridiculous considering the efforts to correct past mistakes. Guess the haters have to keep spewing out their message.
kenshiro100  +   441d ago
I'll believe the hype when I see it. Stop making excuses for Microsoft.
RiPPn  +   441d ago
Still blaming the "messaging?" Do they not realize by saying this they are calling their customers "stupid."

It's like "had we explained it to our potential customers like they were two they would have ate it up like a starving child."

And sugar-coating is what he is doing now.
BattleTorn  +   441d ago
I know! They're still adamant that the issue was 'how it was received' rather than the actually substance they're pushing forward.

It is awfully arrogant to after all the public backlash to infer that it was 'properly understood' and that's why people didn't like it.

So incredibly presumptuous! They don't even consider we had proper reason to dislike it.
DARK WITNESS  +   441d ago
That for me is 100% the biggest of all the issues I have them.

They are still basically saying "we were right, we just didn't say it in the right way for you dumdums to get it".

They still don't see it's the principal of what they were trying to do more then anything else that a lot of us were not down with, no matter who much you try to make me feel stupid, sorry but it's clear as day and their words an apologies mean nothing.

Yes they changed, they had to change because of one reason $$$$$!... and thats ok. As a business they only care about $ and gamers responded in a language they understand by not giving them the pre-order numbers they expected which translated into NO $$$ for them.

They should not pretend that they care because it's clear they don't.
#7.2 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
AgitatedOcelot  +   441d ago
You wanna know why?

Because it's coming back. Ideas are bulletproof, and they didn't suddenly decide they are okay with used games. They put things on pause because they were about to get pole axed if they didn't.

They are just wracking their brains right now waiting for the right time and way to make everyone see that their always on DRM is a good idea so they can flip the switch back the other direction.

Basically if the Xbox sells past a certain threshold, and they get their foot in the door far enough, all that shit's getting turned back on. That's why they won't let it go and say it was a bad Idea. Because if they did they wouldn't be able to come back to it.
#7.3 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DARK WITNESS  +   438d ago
You could be right, I would not put anything passed MS.

All I can say as someone who already owns the XB1 but was never happy with that direction, the day they switch DRM and all that crap back on is the day my XB1 will be traded in and I will never support another xbox product - EVER!
ThMarkedmenSocom  +   441d ago
I'm down with cutting Elop and replacing with Phil.. Who will write this letter to Microsoft ceo? Whoever that is.
wages of sin  +   441d ago
It doesn't matter what he says because the usual suspects will still think what they want to. A bunch of people who don't own and X1 and have no intention on buying one are the first to comment. What a shock. Sony trolls are the poison infecting this industry.
-Foxtrot  +   441d ago
Yeah because Sony fanboys are the ones at fault here, damn those fanboys and their plan to make a massive Aquarium on the moon where they'll deny MS fans entry

As a GAMER, I would get an Xbox One if they removed Kinect and lowered the price. I don't hate the games, I just hate Microsoft's horrible, slimy attitude.
#9.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
CoLD FiRE  +   441d ago
"As a GAMER, I would get an Xbox One if they removed Kinect and lowered the price."

What if they just lowered the price but didn't remove the Kinect, would you still buy it? I'm curious!
-Foxtrot  +   441d ago
Probably not....because I know theres still something included I'll never use and that would still bump up the price

In the end I'm paying more for something I'm not going to use....whats the point in that
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   441d ago
@wages of sin

U are the troll.
Ocsta  +   441d ago
And Xbots are suffering martyrs being attacked from all sides by the Playstation Mafia is that it? Standing strong for your beloved console which is secretly the best console of all time for reasons only the intellectual elite (such as yourself, natch) can see and appreciate? That about right bro? Did I nail it?
1nsomniac  +   441d ago
Wow you really are at the low end of the intelligence spectrum!

You seem to either be completely ignoring the reason why Microsoft are in this state or just simply don't understand it.

Let me try to explain it a little easier for you. Basically MS recycled all there current 360 parts so they could use the same components/factories/distribut ors to build the XBone at an even lower cost to them although selling at a much higher percentage ratio = customer/gamers gets screwed!

MS adds DRM to disable access to used games so that MS retains the profits & customers cannot pay lower prices for them = customer/gamers get screwed!

MS implements a forced Kinect system that not all customers want. This allows MS make a constant source of money by tracking what you do so that it can force feed tailor made advertisements to you. Not only that but it also spies on you when the unit is switched off & was to be used as an option for international intelligence in conjunction with the NSA if requested, as MS works alongside them = customer/gamers get screwed!

MS develop a console built for the lowest common denominator by reusing inferior parts which they get cheap, as already stated above. DDR3, ESRAM, every part is built with & from last gen tech which they already had purchasing orders for & just had to alter the values of them which not only is cheaper & lower performance but is then sold on for a higher profit = customer/gamers pay more get less, get screwed!

Doesn't take a genius to work out why so many GAMERS have switched ship or are just angry at MS or even why so many people are pro PlayStation these days.

Really this stuff shouldn't have to be explained!!
#9.4 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(26) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kavorklestein  +   441d ago
You have some valid points in your little novel, but You seriously blew your whole argument to bits as soon as you said they were recycling 360 parts.
Wow. Learn what is inside of the Xb1, and you will see the only parts that could even be recycled, would MAYBE be Circuit board, but Honestly, wouldn't that be BETTER for the planet if they WERE recycling?
1nsomniac  +   440d ago
@Kavorklestein you're not understanding, by recycling I'm not saying the parts are physically recycled as-is, that's just stupid.

I'm saying they've gone back to the distributors that are already providing 360 parts & said ok we'll continue to use you at a discount as it is now very old tech & cheaper & still take those parts but can you make additional slight modifications to increase specs on these parts i.e. your still getting the old tech just with higher yield increased specs. Again taking absolutely no risks but giving absolutely no future tech either, limiting what can be done to future proof the console = Customer/Gamer gets screwed!

Also the reason the 'novel' is so long is because it can be, MS have screwed up so much the list can go on & on...

Again the fact that the public uproar about used games & always online was there from the very beginning & MS publically came out & said tuff this is the way its' going to be. Its only when Sony mocked them that MS done a 180' people seem to forget that fact that MS told their own customers to essentially F-off! - customer/Gamer gets screwed!

...it could literally go on for ever & you still get these stupid uneducated morons sticking up for them saying they've done nothing wrong - for no reason other than some mindless ownership belief of superiority!
#9.4.2 (Edited 440d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
TheRealHeisenberg  +   441d ago
You are exactly right wages of sin and it is pointless to try and reason with them. Articles like this allow me rack up on my ignore list...my has it grown in the last few minutes.
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   441d ago
He looks clueless just by looking at the expression on his face, duhhhhhhh. LOL
1nsomniac  +   441d ago
Well done he finally gets it, only 5 months too late though!
Kavorklestein  +   441d ago
At least he gets it tho right?
Better that than go full steam like nothing happened!
Godmars290  +   441d ago
What sugar coating - they didn't even address it until it was full blown and effecting pre-orders.
#12 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ziggurcat  +   441d ago
sugar coated? they virtually hid from journalists, and even cancelled interviews after their presentations.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   441d ago
They hid, lied, and told the loyal fans to get a 360. Not much sugar coating going on at the time, A middle finger? most definitely.

It's ok, though. They thought they had the casuals in the bag, by showing Xbone commercials in Movie Theaters,.. After all, at the time of E3 -they were going off of projected data points.

Yusuf Mehdi-
Well, it may not matter so much to Microsoft. Sure, core gamers complain, but the folks who don't really pay attention and who just want a fancy box will be fine with Microsoft's Xbox One. "In a broader set of community, people don't pay attention to a lot of the details," said Mehdi. "We've seen it in the research, we've seen it in a lot of the data points."
#13.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   441d ago
After everything we actually KNOW about the things MS did in the months and years leading up the release of the Xbox One, how can anyone feel happy supporting this corporation?

It shocks me that a few game releases later and people seem to have completely forgotten the various decisions they made, that would've laid this industry to waste for us as gamers and consumers.

They forgot that Kinect was originally a requirement to do the bare minimum of your console's functionality, and was always-on so that they could track and sell your personal data to advertisers so they could ram dashboard ads down your throat.

It wasn't just one small thing that MS attempted, it was a wide variety of middle fingers from a large number of angles.

Seems corporate deceit is just that forgivable.
#13.1.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(1) | Report
Father__Merrin  +   441d ago
they have admitted it then? are people still going to retain their denial!!!!!!
InTheLab  +   441d ago
Phil...just leave it alone dude. You guys were wrong and got burned for it.

Time to repair and start showing gamers respect through humility...

And drop that dopey smug look while we're at it...
Ra3030  +   441d ago
So when he says........

One of the reasons I wanted to be a little more active socially was because I knew the core of why we were in this industry was not an evil reason,"

Is he saying they've had evil reasons and ideas in the past...like DMR, kinect spycam, always online?
Has anyone noticed that Phil has gotten all the attention speaking for Microsoft lately? I said a couple days ago that Microsoft is putting him out front to make him "the guy we can trust". And although I called him a 2 bit car salesman to his credit he says all the right things and he makes all the right moves. At some point he's gonna drop the DMR news on you Xbots. Not that that's a big deal at least to me. This is what Microsoft needs. All their issues stem from the Blu-Ray disk tray that they have to give Sony of all companies money for the use. This very thought has eaten MS alive. And until they change that the X1 will struggle. The good news is if they can contain there GREED. Lol,lol they can go with DMR and get rid of the BLU-RAY tray, make the kinect optional and greatly lower the price on a new model X1. Phil Spencer is the guy that can make that happen. They have already started to make you believe the DMR is a better idea. You see it all the time on comment boards like this one in comments like " can't wait to Dnload Titanfall to my hard drive". Which is a Microsoft intern sitting at MS HQ putting the thought out there and were gonna see more of that soon. Micosoft has to lay the ground work so all are willing to do it "dnload gms" and the interns are doing their part making us think many more have already started. And Phil Spencer is the guy we can trust and when the time comes he will close the deal. I need to finish by saying before the hate, dn votes and name calling starts that there's nothing wrong with Microsoft doing this, nothing at all. They need to do something to cut the price down on the X1 and swaying the public is how the world works......This is my opinion.
#16 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   441d ago
Phil Spencer is definitely a better face for Xbox than Don Matrick was that is clear. As for all the "saying sorry after is not an apology" naysayers... just stop. I would much rather see this version of the top of Xbox vs what we had from Don at E3 which basically was "deal with it and we have a console for you if you don't like this one". This is a good positive direction for MS to be taking. I would much rather support this kind of thinking moving forward versus dwell on the past.
Kavorklestein  +   441d ago
I agree, I think it's dumb that people are getting mad at an apology. That's like retarded as it gets. The only way I can even see such ignorance is pure hatred for MS. I mean, if Sony was in this position, I wouldn't be hating on them for admitting a problem, I would be more happy for Sony gamers, that their console's creators right steps to improve are being taken.
hollabox  +   441d ago
I'm like this, Phil Bill Compton is doing everything he can to get the Xbox brand back on track. I now have 8 full price games on my XB1 since December 26th, I don't think I've ever purchased games at this rate for any console in less than 4 months of ownership at full price. I say good job, keep pushing great content and work on lowering the price of the unit.
#18 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   441d ago
MS trying to make it seem like the messeging was the problem. The problem mr spencer was that MS wanted to take our freedom. The nerves
ZombieDust  +   441d ago
So they didnt give you a choice to buy it or not? Sorry but someone clearly took your freedom away from you already then.
#19.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
S2Killinit  +   441d ago
no they didn't. Thats why for the first time, I am not purchasing all consoles. But I would have to be extra naive to think that xbox ripping consumers off doesn't effect all gamers. MS pushes for policies that are unfriendly to consumers. (remember when they pitched the possibility of charging people renting a movie on xbox based on how many people sat in front of the kinect, to a bunch of industry insiders? yeah I didn't think so)
ZombieDust  +   441d ago
Really? You werent given a choice to by an xbox one or not? That was my question and you answered "no they didn't"

How did they do that?

If you managed to let yourself get "forced" into it, thats no on elses fault but yours.
Sadist3  +   441d ago
I think they don't need to apologize for anything. They make a product, and if you want it, buy it. If you don't want it, don't buy it. Simple as that.
DaleCooper  +   441d ago
I think this is the best response I've seen to all this console war drama.
DigitalRaptor  +   441d ago
As a business, when you lie and disguise things from your consumers, and are called out for it, you answer for it, and in greatest of cases you pay for it dearly.

Stop covering for corporate deceit and anti-consumerism.
#20.2 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
DaleCooper  +   441d ago
What did they lie about? It was pretty clear it was going to be an all online system, until they changed that. In fact they told us right away about all the bad things about always online, 24 hour checks, not trading games back, etc...
GearsOfWar  +   441d ago
Shh, Dale.

It's important to DigitalRaptor that he makes it seem like Microsoft is the worst scum of the earth or else he can't enjoy his PS4.

Just don't tap on the glass. They don't like it when you tap on the glass.
chaosx  +   441d ago
sort of like the PS4 being able to play every game at1080p @ 60 fps because its the most powerful console on the market…??? was that a lie from a greedy corporate trying to gain favour with the masses to get them to buy there product?????
DARK WITNESS  +   441d ago
Correct! and people haven't been buying it (at least not in the numbers that MS would like) hence MS trying to appologise now.

At this stage in the game do you still hear many of us asking for an apology. no, the damage was done people made their choices.

MS didn't have to be in this position but they put themselves in it so now they are playing the we are sorry, no we really are and we love you gamers and all that trash..
fredy  +   441d ago
ZombieDust  +   441d ago
Its funny people keep whining that it took them a year to own up to their mistakes... But the fact the the x1 released without all those things people didnt like, is essentially owning up, and it definitely fixing the mistake.
Immorals  +   441d ago
And yet people moan that they don't want kinect.. Then don't plug it in! The reason kinect 1 was swamped with casual games was because the market was casual gamers, families etc. Now that every Xbox one owner has a kinect, we'll begin to see games using it properly (not that we have as of now, but it's still early days!)
kenshiro100  +   441d ago
Exactly...it took them a year. Why so long? I love when someone criticizes Microsoft they're either a Sony fanboy or they don't own a XB1. You guys are funny.
shogunknight  +   441d ago
No shit sherlock. Always tell the truth, when people find out its a lie it paints a very bad image of one. Right now i cant trust a single thing you say even though your console is a good device

Related image(s)
BakPAin  +   441d ago
All I gotta say is this site is ridiculous. Its like every article is for fanboys to beat each other down over DUMB SHIT!!

No one needs to like Phil or even take him seriously! But he is the only one voicing his opinions and engaging with fans trying to right the ship. It wasnt til Don left that Phil started being more vocal and he knows they dropped the ball on how Xbox was presented to the gamers!

Would you prefer they not say anything at all?
All I gotta say is Phil keep doing what you doing. Keep trying to bring great games to the console and gamers will come!
Also hurry up with that external storage option before gamers lose it again!
midget_gem  +   441d ago
Xbots still in denial. Even M$ admit to screwing up but that's ok.

TheRealHeisenberg  +   441d ago
And droids/SDF still trolling articles about a console/company they want nothing to do with. Pathetic as hell and funny...not funny in a good way.
midget_gem  +   441d ago
And your trolling me hmm. But of course xbots would NEVER troll Sony articles right, oh wait...smh.
2pacalypsenow  +   441d ago
So MS are trying to be the nice guys now?
snarls200  +   441d ago
well duh
b-real  +   441d ago
Microsoft's biggest mistake was underestimating just how stupid gamers really are (source: this site). These policies were the best thing about the console, but there communication around the benefits wasn't tailored for the lowest common denominator of consumers (gamers.)
DARK WITNESS  +   441d ago
No, MS biggest mistake was believing that most gamers are as blind as you...

Still pushing the "policies were good, it was the communication" excuse and all that crap!!

The reason the communication failed so hard was because there was no honesty in the communication.. and the reason they could not honest about it was because there was NOTHING GOOD ABOUT IT!

I can't believe there are still people trying to push this thing like it was a blessing from the gaming gods...
#28.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   441d ago
Great games focus now well done MS keep bringing that entertainment guys.
tsn  +   441d ago
Always ON always Kinect = ability to spy.

That's gameover for me I'm sorry but there is no reversing M$ intentions.
_LarZen_  +   441d ago
You commenting here is being monitored. Especially now when I write the word BOMB. There, a algorithm system have started monitoring.

Your phone can be tracked at all times with GPS. The microphone can be activated, so can the camera.

Your tv if you have a smart tv can be hacked. Activating the camera and the microphone.

You laptop can be hacked and your camera and microphone can be activated. And your location known to the hacker.

Your tablet can be hacked, your camera and your microphone can me monitored.

Every thing you own that is connected in some way to the internet or other wireless connectivity can be hacked and monitored.

Are you going to say "gameover" and go back to the stoneage? Or is this more about hate for the "evil" M$ then then the "fear" of being monitored?

I think we all know the answer...you have a nice day now. Monitored or not :)
#30.1 (Edited 441d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
b-real  +   441d ago
see my comment above - you are exactly what I am talking about.
chaosx  +   441d ago
most new TVs have cameras and are connected to the net. Are they all spying on you? smash the TV's !!! your cell phone has a camera and a mic ? is it spying on you? smash it quick!
your PS3 and Ps4 have camera options why aren't they spying on you??? if everyone else is….
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