PS4 And Xbox One Versions Of 'Elder Scrolls Online' Will Have Major UI Changes

At long last, Bethesda is bringing their critically acclaimed Elder Scrolls franchise into the MMO market. recently had a chance to speak with ZeniMax Online Studios' Matt Firor, who acted as the game's director, to ask about the development process. Having originally been designed with only PC and Mac in mind, we wanted to know how its pending release on the PS4 and Xbox One affected the game's design.

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KrisButtar1734d ago

I am curious to see how the controller is mapped after playing the beta. They might do something similar to FF14 controls, for example the game controls like Skyrim then just holding a button to access the battle controls like FF14?

buttclown1733d ago

Agreed. That was the first thing I thought of while playing the beta was how they would map the controls to work on a controller. Should be awesome regardless though.

KrisButtar1733d ago

Yea I have a hybrid set up in the beta with a DS4 and the KB. The mapped controller doesn't work so great, wish it was supported.

thekhurg1733d ago

Or perhaps just like DCUO?

KrisButtar1733d ago

DCUO never came to my mind as they were saying they wanted the controls like Skyrim and to be honest I can't remember what the controls were like for DCUO. I need a refresher course in DCUO controls

Stringerbell1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

How about graphical changes? The screenshots of this game look like they belong in a PC gaming magazine circa 2005.

thekhurg1733d ago

It's a MMO, not a single player graphical powerhouse.

iceman061733d ago

I actually thought it looked decent considering that there were about 500 or so of those models running around at the same time. The real issue that I heard, as I only watched a stream of the beta, was of course lag. The PvP has an interesting siege mechanic that was pretty cool. I just don't know if it will do enough to capture BOTH the MMO crowd AND the traditional Elder Scrolls fans.

Meltic1733d ago

The problem is the lying. Ubisoft is hiding that they havent changed the graphic. They have actually downgraded it abit. So why dont just say it too us instead of lying.

KrisButtar1733d ago

I agree but your in the wrong comment section

Meltic1733d ago

damn yes i saw that now ...

CynicalKelly1733d ago

Does it have auto run, I won't buy it for console if there is no auto run.