Thief Review {Critically Sane}

CS: "Thief’s biggest issue: while the stealth gameplay is well-conceived and well-executed, the game’s presentation tends to ultimately let it down. The game’s map (which can only be accessed from the pause menu) is nearly useless, and I constantly bemoaned the lack of a fast-travel system. Guards walk about, spouting off the same lines repeatedly, sometimes to each other only half a beat apart. This occurs so often as to be commonplace. I didn’t notice any real bugs in the gameplay, but the sound issues were so frequent, I was left wondering why Thief refused to get out of its own way."

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kariyanine1741d ago

The first 75% of this game is solid fun and then it jumps off a cliff head first.

CriticallySane1741d ago

It definitely has that quality. The more of the story it tells, the more you think, "What the heck is happening here?" I still have no clue what was going on in the last cutscene.