At $5-6 a game, is PlayStation Now worth it for you?

GameZone:Among the handful of features still crawling their way into the PS4 ecosystem, all eagerly awaiting their spot in the next firmware update, Sony’s PlayStation Now service stands to be a potential game-changer once implemented. When announced, the streaming service lit a pyre of nostalgia and dreams of easy access; today, though, player focus is directed to a more pertinent aspect of Now: pricing.

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Neonridr1739d ago

I guess it really depends on how long I get access to the game. I was hoping to see a monthly subscription option which would let you play as many games as you want, but if that is an approximate price for one game, then the monthly fee would likely be much higher than that.

UltimateMaster1739d ago

Hell yeah.
If I were buying PS3 games at 5$, that would be a killer app.
But I do think it's rental, but rental should be 4$.

Oh_Yeah1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Should be 10$ to own a ps3 game, 5$ for ps2 and 1$ for ps1. They'd get so many sales it'd definetly make people think twice about purchasing used which devs+ Sony lose out on all those profits anyway, and it's all dependent upon your internet connection's not like you can play them if it goes out or whatever and it's not like you can sell them. I feel like that's fair pricing especially seeing as you could just download a ps1/ps2 rom on almost any smartphone tablet pc for free, and ps3 is last gen. They'd sell more ps4s. PS3 sales might take a plunge with those prices but it'd get people adopting quicker and devs still working on ps3 titles can release them on both.

Oh_Yeah1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

What's with the disagrees? Someone care to explain how anything I said would be a bad idea for the gamer or devs?

LackTrue4K1739d ago

i dont mind for "the last of us" DLC....
but that's just me.

IndianaBonez421739d ago

I thought they had two plans, one for just selecting a few games and the other to get access to the entire library.

TFJWM1738d ago

Ya they said single or a sub, but I would think the only way a sub would be worth while for them would be like 50 a month. I guess they could be like for the cost of less then 1 new game a month you get all these

matrixman921739d ago

i could have swore they said they were going to have a model similar to netflix

himdeel1738d ago

Likewise. I would not touch PSNow if it wasn't subscription base.

dcbronco1738d ago

You would think that would be the way it would be done.

tethered1738d ago

I think it will be a PS+ membership then $5 or $6 per rental. The rental lasts as long as you are a PS+ subscriber. This will eventually phase out the free games on PS+. EASY NOW!! THIS IS JUST A GUESS!!!!

firefly691738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

I hope not,i still prefer to download the games from PS+ to my hard drive and play them without any kind of lag or loss of image quality than having to stream the game and end up with this issues.I still have hopes that Sony give Playstation Now user the choise to Stream the game or install it to the HDD and then play it for the time of the rental.

tethered1738d ago

@ firefly69 -

I agree with the downloading to the hard drive that you bring up. Not sure what to think of this. Would it be better than the free games while you are a PS+ member or would it be better to have an greatly expanded library of really cheap rental games? Its a toss up!

DeadMansHand1738d ago

Iam hoping for a GamyFly model. 10 bucks a month to have one game downloaded that you can play. 15 for 2 or 20 for 3. Basically, you can download the game and play lag free from the hard drive. It verifies the rental just like PLUS does on PLUS games.

That would be awesome. Being a plus memberand for an extra 10 bucks a month or even a new PLUS+subscription (25 for 3 months or 75 for a year) and you get PLUS and a new game to download and play. Once finished, delete it and download another.

DerrickCole1738d ago

I agree. was expecting $5-6 a month for aces to all the games on the service. It would have been an instant buy for me would it have been a subscription service but I still may give it a try and see if I like it.

parentoftheyear1738d ago

There will most likely be categories. Such as a library for 500 ps1,ps2, ps3games you can play all you want for say $15.00 a month and then rent the newer titles such as last of us, for the $6ish Mark. Won't be too bad to pay $6 to rent a game if it's a newer one, when we start to transfer in to regular releasing ps4 titles. I would have rented tomb raider for $6. I never played it on last gen as an example. So everything will be in sony's hands and it's going to make some people happy and Pisa some people off but at least it will be an optional service to choose.

liquidhalos1738d ago

Im going to be absolutely honest and say no, i personally don't think its worth it at this point. Not because i dont think playing awesome games isnt worth the money but because im still getting occasional sign in problems with the PSN, its been happening to me on and off since i got my PS4 back in December. As soon as my PSN experience is stable ill be all over PS NOW.

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Reverie9901739d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I never owned a PS3. For me, getting a chance to play all the exclusives I missed for less than 10$ is really appealing.

iceman061738d ago

IMO, you are part of the target demographic. They know that there will be people who missed, for whatever reason, many of the high profile titles. As you said, for less than $10 a pop, you get instant access to many titles. Plus, there are many people who might want to replay a title or series that they might have sold before the next gen version comes out. (for example, Infamous 1 & 2 prior to Infamous Second Son) Sure, you could go out a comb bargain bins. But, the convenience of instant access might be worth it to some. I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

Neonridr1738d ago

I am definitely part of that demographic. I have a PS4 but that is my first Sony console, so think of all the titles I missed.

BTW I preordered Second Son and I am going to play the $hit out of it. I don't care if I missed the previous stuff, if PS Now does eventually go mainstream and is affordable, I will look at playing the previous two then.. lol

Ittoryu1738d ago

you have to have a sony product like a brava tv or PS4. This isn't something coming to like ipads and stuff for a long while.

Reverie9901738d ago

Well, yeah, I'm saying this as a PS4 owner. Should have mentioned that.

jackanderson19851738d ago

isn't it suspected to hit third party devices like mid 2015 according to a slide that EG got? not that long a wait considering

Dlacy13g1739d ago

More info is needed but on the surface it seems reasonable.

princejb1341739d ago

yup i wouldn't mind paying for all ps3 games for $5-6 a game

TheTowelBoy1739d ago

Just depends on how you want your backlog(ps3 or before) played. Depends on your backlog, depends on your internet speeds, and your budget. But you're asking me, so no not for me :P I have a Ps3 and Ps4 no need to.

XxExacutionerxX1739d ago

It would be smart if they had a monthly price plan of $9.99 a month ($7.99 a month for psplus users) for all the games on PSNow. Sony could really turn that into the netflix of gaming. Being able to play PS1, PS2, PS3, and indie games on PS4 and Vita. Then bring that app over to Roku, iPads, android phones. That would really keep Sony's Playstation history alive.

LexHazard791738d ago

Sony should have a PSNow+ for $80yr and open it up to more than games, add the movies and music!

iceman061738d ago

Actually, they could do BOTH. Have a fixed subscription price (with a reduction for PS+) and a game by game price (also reduced for PS+). I think it could work. Maybe even build some sort of PS+/Now combo subscription. That would really provide an incentive to use the service.

DanteVFenris6661738d ago

Except games are worth 3x the cost and don't have theatre money maker debuts. Yea what your asking is everyone go bankrupt for yours and everyone's leisure not going to happen. Or I'd be very surprised I'm expecting 30 dollar range

iceman061738d ago

@Dante...true, but I think that games have a finite shelf life. (in terms of sales) Many companies would jump up an opportunity to make ANY money off of a title that was released 3 years ago...let alone 10 or 15.

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