Titanfall Q4 Shipments To Hit 2.4 Million, 6 Million To Ship During Current Year

Titanfall is expected to hit 2.4 million units shipped during EA’s fiscal fourth quarter, according to estimates from Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst Colin Sebastian.

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Dlacy13g1741d ago

and that doesn't count digital I am assuming. Pretty good launch numbers.

Lawboy21741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

this is just ea sales into stores

"Near term, we are adjusting estimates to assume 2.4 million sell-in of Titanfall in F4Q with CY2014 total shipments of 6 million units,” he said."

from the story

NewMonday1741d ago

this is for all platforms

Gears of War did better numbers on the 360 alone, so Titanfall will do nothing like CoD numbers or even Halo.

IanVanCheese1741d ago

between three platforms they should easily ship these numbers.

Docknoss1741d ago

NewMonday the xbox 360 had been out for a year by the time Gears of War had came out. By the time COD became big consoles were saturated world wide.

erathaol1741d ago

I can see them Posting good sales numbers later.

Gamer19821741d ago

I would expect 2 million alone on 360.. The fact they are only expecting 2.6 on all 3 means its gonna be less.. I really expected this to sell more..

TekoIie1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"Gears of War did better numbers on the 360 alone, so Titanfall will do nothing like CoD numbers or even Halo."

Sqaure Enix opinion on sales right there^^^

redwin1740d ago

My friends and I downloaded the game for Xbox One. They are not counting downloads.

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Malice-Flare1741d ago

nothing about sales here, these are just their shipment numbers...

SilentNegotiator1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Estimated projections of shipment numbers.

edit: then again, there's the Xbox 360 copies, so I take it back; those numbers seem reasonable enough.

merciless1741d ago

This is just shipped to stores across 3 platforms? Stay away from the internet when infamous ps4 beats titanfal xb1 sales. It's going to be a blood bath!!!

mhunterjr1741d ago

Right, but shipment sizes are determined by orders, wich are determined by stores based on consumer interest.

Hicken1741d ago

Is that right, mhunterjr? Then why were there so many XB1s sitting on shelves for so long? Did a bunch of customers demand nearly a million consoles and then change their minds?

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Crazyglues1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@ Rinkuchal

yeah good point, but keep in-mind they don't tend to ship that many units unless demand is really high, meaning - People actually putting money down in the stores..

and having the demand really high, (stores ordering higher numbers of copies because of walk-in traffic) your not going to ship 2.4 million if you think you can only sell 1 million - So Shipping numbers are close to what sales should be around..

These kind of ship numbers mean the title is selling really well, based on pre-orders and demand and the buzz stores are getting from consumers.. A lot goes into it, but the actual numbers are usually pretty close.

I would say it's sold over a million on launch, and based on that it should pass the 2.4 million easy with-in the next two weeks..

merciless1741d ago

People are confused. 2.4 million across 3 platforms is not what MS or EA were expecting. This is supposed to be a cod killer yet it will sell across 3 platforms what killzone done with one? MS needed titanfall to be a system seller, yet titanfall according to every piece of data out there is not moving any systems. EU/xb1 hasn't cracked a million yet. EU/titanfall is barely moving anywhere! Titanfall didn't do what ms needed it to do and shipped estimates being that low is a terrible sign. Infamous will sell one million copies in a day you know why? PS4 and infamous preorders world wide are beyond 600K. Look at the facts my fellow gamers look at those facts!!!

mhunterjr1741d ago


You are confused. Those killzone numbers you cited were comined digital and physical sales. Based on these orders there's a good chance both versions of titanfall will sell more than killzone when you factor in digital downloads.

ritsuka6661741d ago

Much better launch numbers than Killzone Shadow Fall.

Majin-vegeta1741d ago

Lol learn to read.These aren't launch numbers.

RAWSTA1741d ago

What's Killzone? Halo wannabe killer?

merciless1741d ago

are you dumb? KZ sold 2.2mil on one console EA are saying they will ship (not sell) 2.something across 3 platforms? Do you have problems with mathematics?

Unreal011741d ago

Silly trolls. Killzone was a console launch title, and selling 2.2 million is pretty damn good.

fredy1741d ago

Doesn't say much will knack as an exclusive competitor to killzone on launch

Cupid_Viper_31741d ago

That comment is lacking any sort of logic there @fredy, Killzone competed against the 2 biggest shooters in the history of gaming in both Call of Duty Ghost and Battlefield.

ritsuka6661741d ago

Killzone was a console launch title'

Titanfall launch title too. Duh.

GarrusVakarian1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

"Titanfall launch title too. Duh."

Lmao, i don't think you understand what a launch title is. Unless the X1 was released 11th March? Lol.

Gamer19821741d ago

Indeed this is across 3 systems and most of those shipped will be 360 copies..

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SilentNegotiator1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Those aren't "launch numbers", they're estimations.

hazeblaze1741d ago

Actually, it would include digital sells. This was in regards to the companies fiscal results. They don't separate the money they make on a game through retail from the money they make on digital sells. Investors don't care where the game was sold.

That said, the number is actually kind of low to me considering that the game is out on both pc and xbox weeks before their Q4 ends... I would have expected 6M on the 360 alone. Then again, their numbers could also be low.

For them to be underestimating the numbers 2 days after the game has launched though... I'm wondering if sales of the game have under performed??? After all, Killzone sold 2.1M on just one platform.

Dlacy13g1741d ago

Just an fyi, It hasn't released on 360 yet.

Evilsnuggle1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Michael Patcher said that Titanfall will sell 500,000 or less X1. 95% present of the titinfall sales will be from 360 and PC versions of Titanfall mostly 360. Microsoft is hiding the 360 version of Titanfall because it is identical To the x1 version of Titanfall. What game can you remember that you haven't seen and is released in two weeks like Titanfall. Titanfall on 360 will have the same resolution and graphics just like COD ghost on x1 Was almost identical to the 360 version. They both run on the 10 year old Source engine.

Nirvana315911741d ago

It includes the free copies of titanfall that came with an Xbox one this month.

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Malice-Flare1741d ago

quite a projection. hope they reach it...

ritsuka6661741d ago

We can see that happening easily.

ozstar1741d ago

I hope EA loses a lot of money.

But that's just me. No offense to MS.

Crazyglues1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

That's a huge success... Much better then I thought it was going to do..

With 6 million shipping - I guess TitanFall will indeed become the new Call Of Duty... these are huge numbers, when you consider it's on PC and XboxOne..

-No 360 yet... and no PS3 & PS4 -so doing those numbers are seriously impressive.

Skate-AK1741d ago

The six million haven't been shipped yet. There are still 7 months left in the "current year."

Crazyglues1741d ago

@ Skate-AK

Yes I meant to say shipping, thanks.. *I fixed it

Farsendor11741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Shipped does not mean sold to consumers shipped is sold to retailers. titanfall is a good game and i hope it sales through the shipments

Edited while i was still typing :)

truegame1741d ago

That is shipped. I want to know how much it sold first day.. MS always comes out and says how much day sold day one..

I am having fun in TF and then Infamous next week..

This month is a good month for us gamers ( TF, Second Son, Dark souls and Metal gear )

Lawboy21741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

its only been out two days...and the EU release was todayy

Milruka1741d ago

every month is a good month for gamers.

The problem is their are too many people like yourself who only seek blockbuster titles.

babis19741741d ago

so, xboxone has sold 3 million units but everyone will get 2 titanfall!!!

GW2121741d ago

Probably go ahead and read the article again... seems like your reading comprehension is lacking.

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