New Resident Evil could be announced soon; fans could be part of the game

Capcom lets fans share their cherish Resident Evil memories and participate in an upcoming game.

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abzdine1741d ago

as long as it's dark and with puzzles and much less action i'm in, but i'm not having high hopes

serratos271741d ago

The puzzles of the older games were great. As a kid I loved them since I was scared of all the zombies...

abzdine1741d ago

yeah man same here.. puzzles, different keys and only 6 items to carry makes the survival part shine.
I hate to say that Resident Evil is dead cause this series is so magic.
i have high hopes in The Evil Within.

Roccetarius1741d ago

Maybe the game is always online, zombies have weapons and respawn often.

I kid, i kid.. :P

cfc781741d ago

Hope it's back to the early days for resident evil they were truly great games and need to be revived in future releases.

tigertron1741d ago

After RE6 I don't think 7 could be any worse, and you never know, Capcom may have learned their lesson, but I doubt it.

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The story is too old to be commented.