USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 3/8/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Totals (US):
XOne 42,659 (-2%) 2,314,683
PS4 34,221 (-13%) 2,597,760
WiiU 12,398 (-17%) 2,304,155

Gen 8 Software Totals (US):
XOne 121,780 (-51%) 6,103,687
PS4 90,685 (-56%) 5,485,651
WiiU 84,746 (-21%) 9,868,677

Top 5 Games:
1. South Park: The Stick of Truth (X360) Ubisoft, Role-Playing 182,855
2. South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3) Ubisoft, Role-Playing 151,119
3. Minecraft (X360) Microsoft Game Studios, Adventure 32,690
4. Thief (PS4) Square Enix, Action 29,224
5. Thief (XOne) Square Enix, Action 26,237

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IanVanCheese1735d ago

Stick of Truth is a great game, it deserves to be topping the software sales.

TheLyonKing1735d ago

Hilarious and very true to the series, its been a long while since i played a game that adapted the tv show this closely before.

On another note

A good indication of what sales will be like when npd is released, i expect this kind of buzz for xbox one when titanfall launches but i don't think the momentum will sustain.

As for the wii u...the less said the better at this point.

SmielmaN1735d ago

Sooooo much fun and lots of fan service. Wife and I love it!

Expected a bigger bump for xbone with the lead up to TF and the bundle.

IanVanCheese1735d ago

The bundle doesn't go on sale officially till launch day, so I reckon the bump will be during the next week's sales.

SmielmaN1735d ago

IVC: I got ya, does it count bundles paid off? I'm outta bubbles, PM me if you want lol

BattleN1735d ago

Looks stupid to me. lol I've always hated it, like most american made animated cartoons. Loony Toons were better, not as funny but better!

Eonjay1735d ago

For anyone interested, NPD February is releasing today at 6PM EST.

bicfitness1735d ago

And X1 will be outsold, again. These VGCharts numbers are hilarious too, when all indicators and retail whispers have them still being outsold in March, despite TF. I don't know why this is posted as any sort of credible news, when its pure fantasy. At best its corrected, retroactively, once real NPD numbers come out. Still way, way off.

sonarus1735d ago

Yea I would say you are just making assumptions here buddy. It's perfectly reasonable for Xbox one to outsell ps4 especially considering the stock supplies are still yet to stabilize.

Bernlock1735d ago

He has sources. The whispers! Varys is that you??

Hicken1735d ago

It's only estimates. A handful of retailers here and there are called up and asked about their numbers, and the totals are approximated from that.

It's not "pure fiction," since the numbers are based on some measure of fact. Obviously, as estimates, they're not likely to be spot-on, so of course the numbers would be corrected once more accurate data comes out.

bicfitness1735d ago

They'll lose today, and again in March. I'll be happy to eat my words. If you are on Neogaf or in any of the sales-age threads they can predict this stuff within a few thousand units. We can revisit this tonight with an "I told you so" and again in April.

NewMonday1735d ago


I think the XBone will get March

SilentNegotiator1735d ago

Oh please, their estimates aren't usually THAT wildly off. So they've estimated that Xbone outsold Ps4 in its home region, a week before a big release...just wait for the global numbers in which Ps4 probably sells 80K-100K more than Xbone WW.

MysticStrummer1735d ago

It won't surprise me at all if XB1 wins NA in March.

It would surprise me if XB1 wins worldwide in March. It doesn't take a psychic or insider to guarantee that won't happen. Not a virtual guarantee. A rock solid guarantee. It won't happen.

FITgamer1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

@silent Their estimates have been off by a lot the last few months. VGC over tracked the Xbox One 90k in January in the US alone. They have PS4 202,126
Xbox One 142,654 in US for February. So according to VGC the PS4 sold 70k less in February than January. I doubt it.

mediate-this1735d ago

You do realize that npd is not 100% accurate, look it up, there is no way to track sell in versus shipped, not 100% atleast. Npd is just a bigger firm more professional, but the fact remains that it is never 100% despite who gives the info.

PONTIAC08G8GT1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

It's sad how much of a fanboy/troll you are. Idk why people like you think you know everything, when judging by 99.9% of your comments it's negative. If you love PS so much, stop commenting on Xbox articles.

BTW, only children block someone instead of having a normal/rational conversation.

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Gamer19821734d ago

Xbox One was outsold even though VGchartz said it wasn't.. Just shows how biased they are towards PS doesn't it?

jackanderson19851735d ago

still don't understand how VGChartz can keep getting posted... they've been proven wrong on so many occasions i'd probably be able to get better estimates then they are.

still nice to see South Park is doing well (even if i thing VG is wrong), hopefully this means a sequel will come along somewhere down the line and uncensored in europe

Eonjay1735d ago

Thats why they have to be listed as Rumor. Its not acceptable to post it as news. NPD is considered news.

bicfitness1735d ago

N4G is "news" for Gamers. Consistently posting something that is utter fiction is not news. If its widely accepted as a rumor and untrue, that space should be given to actual rumors that may be true. All this does, is give people something to bicker about until we get actual data.

Eonjay1735d ago


The Website description is:
"N4G: Hottest Game News & Rumors"

bleedsoe9mm1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

lets face it mostly every on this website are rumors even things we consider news , games journalism is rampant with opinion pieces

Whiskeyjacked871735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Lol @bicfitness educated by @eonjay

MysticStrummer1735d ago

Rumors and Interviews are included under the News heading.

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DanielGearSolid1735d ago

Seriously this doesn't need to be said every week....

We get it... take it with a grain of salt

InTheLab1735d ago

What's crazy is how sites like Forbes and Huffpost regularly use VGchartz as a source for their articles. Surely they're completely ignorant of the origin of that site and it's creators agenda....

Bigpappy1735d ago

They still get posted because they are sometime used by PS fanboys to tout Sony domination. But when you get results like this, they light fires and pull sheets over their heads while they toss the rope over the nearest tree branch, and chanting 'death to VGchartz'.

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No_Limit1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Nice numbers for XB1 and PS4. Kind of surprising XB1 lead in U.s software sales for the week ending 3/8 as it is before the release of Titanfall.

Concertoine1735d ago

I think its because VGchartz is counting pre-orders for titanfall.

Bigpappy1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

You forgot a little game called PvZ. Plus nothing worth noting has been released on PS4 for sometime now. PS4 has had an exclusive drought since launch. This is not the first week VGchartz has posted that X1 leads PS4 in software sales in NA.

IanVanCheese1735d ago

Probably a combo of low stock for PS4 and Titanfall Hype. That said it's nice to see it's not too far behind in the total sales in the USA at least.

shinrock1735d ago

It shouldn't be, xbox gamer buy alot software.. retail and digital.

No_Limit1735d ago

After thinking about it, it is true.

Concertoine1735d ago

Definitely, xbox had like an 11.0 attach ratio and the 360 sold considerably more software than ps3 even with less consoles sold.

SilentNegotiator1735d ago

Systems selling right before a big release isn't surprising...

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pandaboy1735d ago

These ps4 numbers are strange. It still appears to be mostly sold out and yet the numbers keep falling. The same is happening in Europe. Either these numbers are way off or Sony has some serious supply issues going on.

Bernlock1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

or demand has fallen since the 6 million people that wanted one got one? Why does it alwasy have to be supply thats falling? Demand could be as well. I will lose two bubbles for this.

Edit: Ive seen ps4s in the best buy and walmarts here in California. Havent been to target and not really hunting for them either. But they are in stock. So no they aren't sold out "everywhere". Majority of places yes

Boody-Bandit1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

"Why does it always have to be supply thats falling?"

Because they are sold out everywhere.
At least they are in the states.
When ever Best Buy or Amazon list them they are usually sold out in few hours to a day. So if trying to find one in the states is extremely hard to do wouldn't that naturally mean it is in fact supply constraints?

pandaboy1735d ago

You may be correct, but then surely sony should be able to stock these places properly. Do an online stock check and see what I mean. The UK doesn't appear to be getting stock until after Infamous.

T21735d ago

It's still sold out in most places. Pretty easy to verify. My whole area nothing comes up never has once.

Boody-Bandit1735d ago


I was thinking the same thing. I wonder how many PS4's are being held back for Infamous bundles. That should definitely spike sales the week it's released. I have a few friends and family members that purchased that bundle. Not just because they're Infamous fans but because they knew they could lock down a PS4.

MysticStrummer1735d ago

All I can say is that they're still scarce here.

Death1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

I believe Sony is controlling losses while they prepare for the end of their fiscal year at the end of the month. Sony was producing and selling 700k a week in Nov and Dec. They are averaging 170k a week since January 2014. If they aren't in stores, chances are they aren't in production. I would imagine production will ramp back up in April.

mediate-this1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

People do not understand supply, demand, second wave, repeat interest. Just think ps4 sold x amount so it will do it forever. The people who bought it are the hardcores, second wave has to be built by word of mouth games bring interest, plus some months are slow. Or demand is not there, there are ps4's in my city, they are sold out at most places, but you can still find em

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Majin-vegeta1735d ago

Vgchartz is notorious for undertracking Sony and overtracking MS.

medziarz1735d ago

Sony's just supplied Japan with 400k consoles! that had to have hurt US and European supply!

pandaboy1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

They must have supplied Japan with too much stock then because the weekly rates were higher then, for the EU and US, than they are now for this week including Japan.

edit: actually scratch that you are correct. The launch week in Japan would have produced some constraints to these regions. However, I'm still not sure why the numbers are down this week when it is mostly sold out again.

medziarz1735d ago


The shipments that should've gone to the US, went to Japan. the PS4 is sold out because there are no PS4s to buy, the US sales are running on fumes that are quickly exhausting. Sony will now be rebuilding supply.

Death1735d ago

This would be logical if Sony was still selling 700,000 a week worldwide. They are selling about 170,000 a week for the last 10 weeks. The consoles just aren't there. Sony already has proven they can produce and sell through much, much more than they are today.

medziarz1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )


Sony produces about 1 million PS4s a month. without 400k that's 600k. divided by 4 weeks that's 150k. divided by two continents that's 75k.
Because Sony had to divert all available PS4s to Japan to have 400k for 1 week there, that means the US should now be getting extra restock instead of Japan: I'd predict 150k a week, as it was 0k for the last two weeks. just in time for Infamous.

Death1735d ago

If Sony can only produce 1 million per month, how did they sell 4.3 million in 6 weeks? They were shipping in batches and continously selling out week after week. Sony sold out of their initial supply within a couple days of launch. If they had built up a supply of 3.3 million consoles prior to December, why were stores constantly sold out?

Even if you were correct on the 1 million per month, with sales of 170k a week, there should be close to 1 million consoles in the retail channel right now. I think we can both agree that isn't the case.

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