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Gamesblip offers their opinion on From Software's Dark Souls II for the PS3.

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Bob Dole1138d ago

Might not be able to hold out till April 25th for this one. MUST... HAVE...

Hugodastrevas1138d ago

Join us! (buy the pc version later)

Kivespussi1138d ago

I'm having a hard time waiting for 6 more hours (EU release date)
I can't believe how terrible it must be for PC gamers...

Deividas1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Honestly I was in the same boat, I was gonna pick it up tomorrow and play alll weekend....but after seeing the PC vs xbox 360/ps3 graphics comparison...Oh my god...PC is the best way to go and really made me not spend an extra $60 tomorrow.

PurpHerbison1138d ago

Hold out if you can. The PS3 versions frame rate has been giving me motion sickness.

Bob Dole1138d ago

I have the PC version of DS1 and it was leaps and bounds better than console versions after dsfix (GFWL aside) and I know this one will be even better now that it doesn't need to be modded to play better. Think I'll just wait, don't really wanna buy the game twice.

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Mackonthemoon1138d ago

Wish I still had my ps3 to play this on. Luckily I have a computer still :D