Beautiful RPG “Dragon Fin Soup” Going To Kickstarter In Final Push Towards PlayStation and PC

Developer enlists Crowdfunding to Complete Development of Its Self-Funded Tactical, Twisted, Fairytale-Inspired RPG Coming to Consoles and PC

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cleft51734d ago

The game looks really amazing, I hope they make it.

3-4-51734d ago

Would be good on Vita.

OfficialGrimmBros1727d ago

@ abzdine
@ cleft5
@ 3-4-5

Thanks everyone!

Gore-Content1734d ago

Cool! Another game not coming to xbone :D

CLOUD19831734d ago Show
cleft51734d ago

It is interesting that the additional consoles listed for the game to come to is PS3, PS4, and PSVita. Yet there is no 360 or Xbox One option. I wonder if there is something more to it than them simply not wanting to be on the 360/Xbox One platform or if this is just legacy issues because of how everything went with indie developers on the 360. Either way, it is interesting because you have to think that an indie developer would want their game to be on as many platforms as possible.

Rockefellow1734d ago

Plenty of kickstarters focus on a single console platform, rather than targeting multiple systems to reach a broad audience. The logic is simple: they're trying to court more faith and support from the owners of the platform they're targeting. Why else would the Wii U have dozens of kickstartered games hitting it's platform and not other consoles (pc, obviously)? They're not aiming for the Wii U because it'sa mega smash hit, they're trying to appease the console's demographic or take advantage of they platform's unique features.

This is probably them just hedging their bets and putting their eggs in the winning basket, hoping people who otherwise weren't interested in such a game to be swayed by exclusivity. Nothing wrong with that.

OfficialGrimmBros1727d ago

@ Gore-Content

We will look to add Xbone as well and are in talks with them. As soon as we get confirmation we'll let everyone know!

CLOUD19831734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

This looks very nice it's like good-old Alundra but with modern high-res graphics more tactical combat & lot's of mini games :D

This game looks & sound lovely, art design & soundtrack is fabulous the money they ask to finish this is nothing they will succeed for sure so go all & help them & unlock some of those stretch goals in the process :)

cleft51734d ago

The art style and animations is really impressive. You can tell that these guys know what they are doing.

OfficialGrimmBros1727d ago

@ cleft5

Thanks so much! We are a small 5 man team and it was just 1 guy made all the graphics, animations, vfx, sfx, writing and design!

Inception1734d ago

This looks cool. Kinda YS mixed with Bastion and i loved both games.

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