The Greatest Reaction to a League of Legends Promotion of All-Time [Warning: NFSW - Language]

Anyone who has ever played League of Legends understands the emotion you're about to watch.

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JoeIsMad1740d ago

I really like when he gets in that bling tier!

ROQFrost1740d ago

He in dat bling tier doe

Magnus7011739d ago

I thought AGE disbanded. Also, I thought I recognized him. Fuckin Fanatiq. He is or was a top player in the FGC but he caused a lot of drama and was an overall bitch. Guess he finally realized he didn't have what it takes to be a world warrior and went went off to play LoL instead. I've met him in person...he was a dick.....a 5 foot nothin dick

JoeIsMad1739d ago

Damn. That's crazy. What did he do that was so wrong?

Jacktrauma1739d ago

Part of the reason I hate playing LoL...this is the community wrapped up into a 3:15min video

JoeIsMad1739d ago

I don't really see anything better coming out of the other MOBA communities, from what I've played. LOL.

Ravenor1739d ago

Yeah it's definitely the MOBA community in general, but I've had some good luck with Dota 2..

memots1739d ago

So the LOL community doesn't speak English?

crusf1739d ago

Am I the only one who felt a hint of sadness when he said" I don't even go out anymore. I don't even get to see my family!."

Exies71739d ago

What in thee sam hell.

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