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The Greatest Reaction to a League of Legends Promotion of All-Time [Warning: NFSW - Language]

Anyone who has ever played League of Legends understands the emotion you're about to watch. (League of Legends, PC)

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Stevefantisy  +   382d ago
JoeIsMad  +   382d ago
I really like when he gets in that bling tier!
ROQFrost  +   382d ago
He in dat bling tier doe
Magnus701  +   381d ago
I thought AGE disbanded. Also, I thought I recognized him. Fuckin Fanatiq. He is or was a top player in the FGC but he caused a lot of drama and was an overall bitch. Guess he finally realized he didn't have what it takes to be a world warrior and went went off to play LoL instead. I've met him in person...he was a dick.....a 5 foot nothin dick
JoeIsMad  +   381d ago
Damn. That's crazy. What did he do that was so wrong?
Jacktrauma  +   381d ago
Part of the reason I hate playing LoL...this is the community wrapped up into a 3:15min video
JoeIsMad  +   381d ago
I don't really see anything better coming out of the other MOBA communities, from what I've played. LOL.
Ravenor  +   381d ago
Yeah it's definitely the MOBA community in general, but I've had some good luck with Dota 2..
memots  +   381d ago
So the LOL community doesn't speak English?
crusf  +   381d ago
Am I the only one who felt a hint of sadness when he said" I don't even go out anymore. I don't even get to see my family!."
Exies7  +   381d ago
What in thee sam hell.
NarooN  +   381d ago
People like this is why I never have, and never will play any MOBA's.
iceman06  +   381d ago
I actually discovered Natiq on Twitch about a year ago. Surprisingly, he was NOT playing games. He was composing music. Actually, he was playing (by ear) select piano requests from his chat. He would listen to short YouTube clips and reproduce high quality versions of the song. I also know that he is a full-time streamer, which means that he is getting revenue from gaming.
This is a reaction to a grind that literally started last year. It was unfiltered, somewhat emotional, and funny as hell. His "pop offs" have become a thing of legend in his stream. However, the one thing that I can say, he DOESN'T pop off AT people. This was a moment that he was sharing with his "stream fam" who have been along for the grind with him.
All in all, since watching him from time to time, I have gathered that he is a funny, insightful, passionate, opinionated, and talented guy who drives himself pretty hard to be good at what he does...whether it be the competitive fighting game scene or just becoming the best he can be in LoL. People should check him out to judge for themselves. twitch.tv/mrfanatiq
Magnus701  +   381d ago
The reason why myself and a lot of other people do not like Fanatiq is because of the way he acts. He insights drama and is extremely confrontational. My friend that actually looked up to him at least a little met him at Evo and he wouldn't talk to him unless they money matched. Another thing that he is famous for is making fake accounts to praise himself on twitter, twitch, or forums with overly eloquent statements. It's a joke because everyone knows that he does it too. This post reminded me of that.

Also, I used to love watch his matches as Mag/Storm/Sent....but I fell out of love when he turned out to be a jackass.
iceman06  +   380d ago
I don't know him from his days as a pro fighting game guy. At all. Maybe it was a case of maturing or it was just a competition thing? I can't speculate on that. All that I can say is that he DOESN'T do this to the people he plays. He DOES get frustrated and aggravated with peoples plays (per LoL standards) as well as his own. But, he rarely if ever will voice it with the people in game chat...unless they come to his stream and say something completely ignorant. Then, well...you get the "overly eloquent" pop-offs.

I know that he has said, on many occasions in his stream, that he doesn't like the person that he sometimes becomes when playing competitive games. Actually, he stepped away from streaming for several months because of it.

I can appreciate and understand your concerns.I would probably have the same opinion of his as you had that happened to me.

I was in NO WAY trying to invalidate your opinion of him. I was simply stating my own observations over the past year of watching him once or twice a week. Maybe competition brought out the worst in him? Who knows.

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