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For the first time since the series launched, Call of Duty is looking closer than ever to the edge. The edge of what, I’m not sure, as I can’t envision the next game taking in any less than a billion dollars and destroying whichever previous records it’s set. Nevertheless, gamers are sensing that Activision needs to step their game up to keep the series from stagnating, especially with titles such as Titanfall stepping into the FPS ring.

One thing is clear: the yearly tradition of Call of Duty DLC must go on. Last month, Activision released the Onslaught DLC pack, the first of four, for Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s made up of four new multiplayer maps, a story-driven level for Extinction mode, and a new dual-purpose weapon. Let’s see how they fare.

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ClevelandSteamer1740d ago

Call of Duty has been stagnating since MW2

Matt6661740d ago

I agree with you COD is just exactly the same game every year

Fz6soldier1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Haven't heard that before. /Sarcasm

IMO Black Ops 2 was very good, it just suffered from too much Lag compensation.

avidgamer11740d ago

For those of you interested in getting the season pass for this dlc, take it from this 360 owner and dont buy it. Not because the maps arent fun, but you wont be able to play it on your current mode. They have been only playable through their own mosh pit style mode ever since release. If you dont like that idea, i recommend not purchasing it and just wait.