Top 10 Selling PlayStation Vita Games in 2013

A look at the top 10 selling PlayStation Vita games in 2013

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Team_Litt1739d ago

Those numbers are really really bummy. No game sold more than half a mil? Less than 4 million consoles sold? That's just depressing. Funny thing about that top 10 list is that I cannot think of another high profile quality game for the Vita.
What games are releasing for it this year anyway?

DualWielding1738d ago

last year was bad, this year looks like its going to be a bit better, we have had Toukiden and Dagganrompa already, two niche, but significant third party exclusives

jebabcock1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Unless sony has started reporting online sales, I don't think these numbers are relevant or meaningful. I purchased a Vita near launch and bought my first game from the store just last month. I have purchased many games online though. This can be applied to every console, tracking sales from vendors works for consoles but is incredibly unreliable for game sales as more people shift to online purchases.