Pro League of Legends Player Promise Reveals Match Fixing, Attempts Suicide

Twinfinite writes, "Professional League of Legends player Cheon “Promise” Min-ki posted a suicide note today detailing a game fixing scandal involving his professional team, AHQ Korea."

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FriedGoat1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Those guys look cool. I want to be their friend.

LiQuiZoN1739d ago

Should of been playing Dota2 instead. Valve controlled.


Sketchy_Galore1739d ago

That's absolutely insane. I had no idea there was such seedy business going on in professional gaming. To be honest I barely knew professional gaming was a thing, I assumed the most you could earn at it was a signed photo of Chewbacca or something, it's crazy to think there's enough riding on some people playing League of legends that it becomes a whole life and death affair. Obviously I wish the kid well and hope that bastard exploiting him is brought to justice soon. Though I still can't help but think young promise may have overreacted ever so slightly.

TenSteps1739d ago

Can't really make any assumptions whether or not the guy overreacted, we only know about his team getting screwed but some reports note that he himself lives in a not so financially advantageous household so we can assume that there's more to the suicide attempt than what the public is aware of.

On topic though, this is the problem with scenes that are just barely becoming a big enough scene all its own, I still remember the drama in the DOTA2 competitive scene with the team and their manager and this seems like a similar situation. It's sad when con artists take advantage of kids like this who don't know any better when it comes to the business side of things.

All the best to this guy in his health and moving forward.

Jubez1871739d ago

You should read up on E-Sports. Some players are rumored to make about 7 figures after advertisements, prize money, and streaming.

ExPresident1738d ago

eSports is huge. Starcraft alone is a sport in South Korea. Google Evil Geniuses gaming for what is probably the most financially blessed team in the U.S. EGHuk easily makes 6 figures.

allgamespc20121739d ago

Only on League of Legends. Dota 2 so much better. LoL is the COD of mobas, just cause its more popular dont meant its better kids.

TenSteps1739d ago

Nah man this manager screws over a team has also happened in the DOTA2 scene. Managers screwing over players see Speed (now Cloud9) and their manager, fixing scandals see Rox.KIS and Alexey "Solo" Berezin.

ExPresident1738d ago


Doesn't matter the game or community, it happens. Starcraft had scandals with match fixing, and team "managers" shafting potential players out of money. This stuff happens in all sports tho.

CaptainCamper1739d ago

People don't realize that eSports is a massively profitable area of the industry and with many teams, it operates similar to a dodgy pyramid scheme. The guys running the show rake in millions while the players are left fighting for scraps.

Big kudos to the team for standing up and staying true to their values, even when it meant the possibility of becoming homeless.

Wishing Promise a full and speedy recovery and hoping they catch the douchebag responsible.

Ultraplayerxp1739d ago

2 things I found absurd:

1.) Why would he try to kill himself over something someone else forced him to do?

2.) More importantly, why die over LoL???

Hicken1739d ago

When you're forced into a situation, sometimes death may be the only escape. Or at least the only one you can see at the time.

Ultraplayerxp1739d ago

I have no sympathy for people who choose to go out like that. Its the most selfish way to go. I'm not gonna say anything bad about them nor will I say anything good. But if someone out there, starving to death, without any means to buy food can still find a reason to live, this guy can suck it up, grow a pair and deal with his problems.

iceman061739d ago

It's quite possible, like other "celebrity sorts" that he got wrapped up in his own hype. eGamers are pretty huge in Korea. So, after losing what seemed to be EVERYTHING to him, the only response that he could think of was to end it. Many celebrities face that type of depression and suicidal thoughts that come along with no longer being relevant. IMO, that's why drug deaths are so common amongst them...aside from the pressures of simply being a celebrity.

Hicken1739d ago

Which just pretty much proves you know nothing about the situation, or how people IN such situations feel.

My mom once attempted suicide because we were in a bad way financially, and she knew the life insurance would help alleviate that. Thankfully, she didn't succeed.

Point is: you never know what reasons a person could have.

In many Eastern cultures(particularly China, Japan, and Korea), there are things worse than death, like shaming yourself and your whole family. That's why there are things such as ritual suicides and honorable deaths out there. There may be nothing else you can do, socially speaking, to redeem yourself, or your family, and that type of stuff doesn't just go away.

By the way, not everybody who's starving to death without any means to buy food DOES find a reason to live. Many people just give up. They sit and wait for death to claim them.

I've had my own bouts with depression, and dealt with suicidal thoughts since I was a child. It's not as easy as just sucking it up and growing a pair. Dealing with it isn't as simple as you make it sound, which makes me question how old you might be, how sheltered a life you've led.

It's also not easy to follow through and take your own life, believe me. It takes an enormous amount of willpower, as you're going against your very instincts.

I don't know what all was going on in this man's life, but I DO know it's ridiculous for you to sit at your computer and judge him WITHOUT knowing any more than I do.

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