PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Gets Beautiful New Artwork Showing The Subway of London

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia opened the new official site for Ready at Dawn’s upcoming PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886, and while most of the content has already been published in the west, there was one surprise.

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Austin481737d ago

This game looks beautiful. There is so many ps4 games coming out .

LarVanian1737d ago

"The Subway of London"

Don't you mean the Tube? ;)
Anyway, nice artwork! I wonder if we'll fight some half-breeds in the dark down there.

serratos271737d ago

I'm desperate to know HOW the half breeds will look like!! Also hoping that there's a little bit of graphic content. Half breed blood splatter ;) it could be some unnatural color too!

LarVanian1737d ago

I would love to see some graphic violence too! Just imagine all the blood and gore effects [email protected] could do with PS4 visuals! Also I have a feeling that there will be a twist revealing either Galahad or someone in the Order to be a half-breed. It would be pretty cool if we got to play as one!

maddskull1737d ago

@larvanian. All of the members of the order have drank half breed blood but I am not sure if this is true

medman1737d ago

C'mon Ready at Dawn. Knock this one out of the park. I really hope this game plays as good as it looks.