The Walking Dead Season Two: A House Divided Review [Capsule Computers]

Travis Bruno of Capsule Computers writes:

"Following the events of The Walking Dead: Season One players were skeptical about how well Telltale could continue to tell Clementine’s story and after the release of the first episode of Season Two, All That Remains, we have found ourselves taking control of Clementine as she now has to deal with an entirely new group of survivors and must make her own decisions to survive. So now that Episode 2: A House Divided has been released; will Clementine’s story continue to be as gripping as before?"

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Mackonthemoon1741d ago

I played Season 1 and really enjoyed it! Looking forward to playing Season 2 eventually.

BattleTorn1741d ago

Ya Season1 taught be to be patient with TellTale...

I usually wait for a couple episodes to release before playing, though I purchase it closer to release

Sketchy_Galore1741d ago

I absolutely loved the story of this episode but I still had some of the problems I was having with the first episode. Mostly that I often didn't feel like I was being given the option to do anything like the things I would've done in that situation. My options never felt like the thing I would do. I also got the sense more than ever that my choices didn't matter at all. Thinking back I get the feeling none of my choices would have changed things for more than five minutes of that one episode. Hell, most of my choices seemed to amount to my character shouting what she'd like to happen when the opposite happened anyway.