Suck at Titanfall? Here are 7 things you’re probably doing wrong

MMGN writes: Titanfall is a strange game. It shares obviously similarities with that other shooter but there’s no denying that Respawn’s debut is most certainly a unique experience in its own right.

Thankfully, despite its accessibility, Titanfall can be a tough game to master, especially if you’re going in with the mindset reserved for more kill-focused, ratio-centric competitive games. There are a few neat ways that can certainly give you a leg-up on the battlefield, and help push your team towards the ever-important victory and, of course, bragging rights!

Struggling to make a name for yourself as a new cadet pilot? You could be making these deadly mistakes on the battlefield.

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SITH1736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I learned something the hard way today, don't stay in your electric smoke. It is severely bad for your titan's health... But kills that monkey on your back also. It also has saved my tail more times than any other ordinance.

I hope more games use the escape feature that titanfall has. Running to extraction is very intense. Making it when it surrounded by titans, is a legendary moment.

IndianaBonez421736d ago

The smoke doesn't damage your own titan or even kills you as a pilot unless it's an enemy of course.

SITH1736d ago

Then I must have been receiving damage from a different source each time. I noticed damage was occurring even after the enemy pilot was killed. I just unlocked it yesterday. I guess I will go back to using it if it does no harm to my own shields.

desolationstorm1736d ago

Smoke is wonderful especially with the Stryder allows for a nice get away.

IndianaBonez421736d ago

@SITH People usually blind fire their rockets into the smoke and get some hits off you. It also stops lock ons, so it doubles as an ECM Jammer.

PONTIAC08G8GT1736d ago

Electric smoke doesnt hurt you. The cluster missile will though. That's another way to get someone off your back, fire the cluster missile into the ground and then the extra explosions will kill them (i think it's called cluster missle).

xPhearR3dx1736d ago

Yup. Someone did that to me yesterday and I was confused as shit for min. I was like, "Wait, what?!? How?". Then I realized lol

TheEnigma3131736d ago (Edited 1736d ago )

I would like to add another thing; don't try to fight too many titans at once. 3 of them jumped me and kicked my ass. The eject is such a sweet feature.

desolationstorm1736d ago

It is terrible when you stumble into a group of them and cannot get away.

Death1736d ago

Nuclear ejection takes care of that very nicely. Just don't let them rip you out of the cockpit. There's a burn card to make your boom much bigger.

TheEnigma3131736d ago

I was fighting one and 2 came from behind and started destroying me. I was ambushed.

PONTIAC08G8GT1736d ago

Also watch the titan count at the bottom. If they have 4 deployed and your team has 1 or 2, best to wait to deploy yours until the numbers are even or at worst, one less. Nothing worse than deploying titan and having it blow up 10 seconds into using it.

GearSkiN1736d ago

No special unlocks for generations, I was hoping it has something for doing it....