Resolutiongate 2014: The New Flame War - PS4 vs Xbox One

The hottest topic in gaming lately is what the resolution of everything this, and this author tries to examine why the resolutiongate may or may not matter.

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FlunkinMonkey1735d ago

It's just logic. A PC owner/builder wouldn't pay more for a graphics card or PC to get a significantly inferior resolution.

The only people who say you can't see the difference between 720p and 1080p and MS loyalists. Ask someone who owns a PC. Massive difference.

medman1735d ago

I agree. 1080p is the current resolution standard. Period. It's what I expect if I buy a tv, at a minimum. Resolution is why blu rays still sell well, because the image quality is far superior to what you get from hd streaming. And for myself personally, I'm eyeing the Vizio p series 4k displays. I can't wait to see when ultra hd blu rays hit the market, and I plan on upgrading my a/v receiver when hdmi 2.0 get integrated. Resolution absolutely matters.

GearSkiN1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Microsoft loyals? That's not a fact bro... That's a little over blown if you ask me.

Ra30301735d ago

Microsoft and the Xbox loyalist care far more about the resolution of watching a game being played on Twitch than the resolution of the games as they play. I'm guessing because they know that 792P is the xbox limit. And they can be hood winked into buying 60fps while knowing it's not 60fps. But if you say it is enough then that makes it true. It's the Microsoft way. A Microsoft loyalist is one that can't see past or think past what they are told to see and think by Microsoft. Really seems like a sad life to me. But I don't want to judge.....I say each to his own. So enjoy I have many Xbox Loyalist friends and most are really good people.