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The First Person Shooter genre has been under fire from both players and critics for the last few years. Publishers have been flooding the market with generic options for players, often times with only one or two major choices standing out from the dozens of slightly improved versions of last year’s models. All the while fans have been complaining about the publisher’s choices to push out games without any major improvements to the game’s concept, or gameplay.

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Titanpete1739d ago

Nice the scores keep piling up! TF best fps out there.

memots1739d ago

I agree, Team Fortress is was awesome. Team Fortress 2 is even better pick it up its free.

No_Limit1739d ago

so a 3/5 and a 6/10 reviews attracted tons of traffic and this 5/5 reviews is a baron wasteland. Something is seriously wrong here.

christocolus1739d ago

Lmao...My boss at work has been getting me all worked for more than a week now...but i can always count on some comments here on N4G to lighten my

NeoTribe1739d ago

Thays because everyone knows it doesnt deserve a perfect score. If it did there would be tons of peeps in here praising it, which there is not.