If Dark Souls II Is "Hardcore," What's Titanfall?


This one word has generated countless debates in the realm of video game culture. Obviously, the biggest issue is that it's a very subjective term; nobody can agree on an exact definition. That being said, regardless of your definition, chances are, you will label the recently released Dark Souls II as a "hardcore" title. In other words, only the core gaming crowd will be interested.

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Thatguy-3101735d ago

Idk it has a gun that locks into the opponent and AI that's brainless so you tell me.

ic3fir31735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

is not true, titanfall is easy to start but hard to master

Respawn has said it would make the game modes without bots after launch, and the bots do not count for kills, they serve only to exp.
  if so, dota and league of legends not entered for E-Sports, and has bots.
and are different genres, why compare titanfall with dark souls? compare with other RPGs

Thatguy-3101735d ago

It's easier than COD. It's not all that competitive. A mediocre person can feel like they did a good job playing TF

joab7771735d ago

Everything has different levels...and every game will have gamers who excel at it. Yeah, Titanfall may be much easier to get in to...but there will be those elite players that are able to accomplish things that will leave us in awe.

Other games like dark souls do not have an easy level of accessibility. Its actually much harder at the beginning. But it isnt anywhere near as hard as ppl make it out to be. Its more of a lesson in patienceb than anything.

For me, I play Dark Souls b/c of it is a complete gaming experience. It is an unbelievably immersive rpg with a robust class system and customization. But, on top of that, it is challenging like many puzzle games or platforms. It rewards those who are patient with a sense of accomplishment that few other games do.

I think the major difference is that Titanfall is immediate gratification like CoD and in todays' s world that is why its so popular. Dark Souls isnt. It punishes u over and over but the reward on the back on is so much more gratifying....something many ppl just dont have time for any more.

PONTIAC08G8GT1735d ago

Right because these two games share a lot of similarities. Ones a third person RPG and the other is a futuristic FPS.

Dark Souls is hardcore, meaning it will make you scream at the tv and turn it off in rage. I've played the previous ones and they are very tough, you will die a lot.

TF is for casual and hardcore people. Not everyone can dedicated 40 hours a week to a game. It's not fun for a new comer to join a game with people who are on their 10th prestige, unlocked every gun, know every map, and all they do is get blasted and finish last, wow that sounds like a lot of fun. The smart pistol and stupid AI make those people feel good and have fun, like they are adding some value to the team. Meanwhile hardcore gamers can use a ton of different guns (some harder to use), learn the strengths and weaknesses of other titans and layouts, play around with burn cards, etc etc.

A game that caters to both shouldn't be a negative thing.

rdgneoz31735d ago

"The smart pistol and stupid AI make those people feel good and have fun, like they are adding some value to the team."

Just got a new dog (10 weeks old) and that reminded me a bit of training him to pee on a pad... Cheering / congratulating him so he feels happy, like he accomplished something and so he'll continue to do it (took him less than a week to learn). Still, all he's doing is learning where to sh!t.

Congrats, you're killing brain dead AI with an auto lock pistol. You should feel so accomplished that you're able to kill it... Gold star?

DragonKnight1735d ago

First of all, when talking about casuals and mentioning Dark Souls, the correct way to spell it is "casul." (Lol)

But "If Dark Souls 2 is Hardcore then Titanfall is a completely different experience and can't be measured in the same way" would be the correct answer.

The Souls series are designed so you have to be methodical and use trial and error gameplay. Titanfall is designed for you to run and gun and feel accomplished. The styles couldn't be more different if they tried.

cleft51735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Titanfall is a game that makes everyone feel like they are special. Everyone gets a Titan, everyone gets to kill someone a lot, even if it is mindless AI, and everyone gets a solid k/d because of the mindless AI. Meanwhile, Dark Souls 2 revels in the fact that not everyone is special and if you want to be special you have to actually work for it, not point a gun in a general direction that locks onto opponents for you.

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Insomnia_841735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Titanfall is more casual than COD. It looks like a big game but it's so small in gameplay and I'm talking skills. My grandma can get three headshots in Titanfall with just one button. The game is fun though.

komp1735d ago

If Dark Souls II Is "Hardcore,"
Then TitanFall is "Parkcore".

Old_Boss_1735d ago

You stoled the words out of my mouth

Hugodastrevas1735d ago

Why do you make me laugh so much at work? Now everyone's looking at me and i am obliged by law to give you a bubble up!

P.S. Long live Dark Souls 2

IanVanCheese1735d ago

fwiw the Smart pistol is a bad gun. It allows people who are bad at shooters to get a kill or two, but any skilled player with a carbine vs a skilled player with a smart pistol, the carbine should win every time.

But yeah, comparing the two games is a bit wtf.

PONTIAC08G8GT1735d ago

"It allows people who are bad at shooters to get a kill or two"

So if someone gets 2 kills the entire match, who cares? I've played like 70 matches, been killed maybe 5 times total from smart pistol. People need to realize the game is made for everyone, not just the hardcore people. Don't like smart pistol (like me), than don't use it and not many do. But maybe there is a guy/girl thats a casual gamer that wants to have fun and it's that great at games, big deal.

IcicleTrepan1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

You haven't even played the game have you? The smart pistol has to lock on three points to kill a pilot. This takes time. Yes, not a LOT of time, but enough time for you to get the jump on someone and kill them with a conventional weapon before you get locked on and shot. It also has limited range.

Stop complaining about something you know nothing about. If you can't figure out how to not get shot by the smart pistol then you should probably be using it yourself.

IanVanCheese1735d ago

IcicleTrepan: Assuming that was directed at dboyc310, because I was saying exactly that lol.

I'm not bashing the gun at all, I'm saying it's just there so that people who suck at shooters can get involved and get a few kills without unbalancing the game.

It's in no way unbalanced like people are claiming.

DragonKnight1735d ago

"Don't like smart pistol (like me), than don't use it and not many do."

This logic is infuriatingly frustrating. The point isn't that he doesn't like it but has to use it. You don't have to like something in order to use it or not use, and vice versa. The point is that he doesn't like its function and thinks it's a detriment to the game and he has the right to feel that way.

I hate Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels. I'm not buying the latest game. Doesn't mean I suddenly stop liking it or am obliged to stop saying that I don't like it just because I'm not buying it.

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jessupj1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Don't know where you're getting disagrees.

I a heavy Souls veteran. I have 3 demon's souls plats and the dark souls plat and yet I've died 27 times in DS2 and I don't think I'm anywhere near my first boss.

I haven't played TF, but I pretty good at COD and from what I hear I wouldn't have any trouble.

So yeah, I have no idea why the article is comparing these games when they're so different.

Captain Qwark 91735d ago

shit is hard as fuck! i didnt even find dark souls 1 all that hard. a handful of spots had me stuck but id be surprised if i died 30 times the whole game.....ive def died that many already lol

got to the first boss last night in fact....nothing like the feeling of being killed 3 hits or so before i finish him off. good old souls series.

all that said, easily the best game last gen, a title once held by demon and then dark souls. first series ever where 3 titles in and the sequels just keep getting better

Master-H1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

27 deaths before even the 1st boss? i find that very hard to believe. what exactly keeps killing you ?

Irishguy951735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

"It has a gun that locks into the opponent"

So...what you're saying is...all console shooters are casual? Well, we all know that

I've always said this about COD:
"COD is the most hardcore casual game there is"

If that makes any sense. COD falls into a weird realm were casuals and hardcore can both play it.

Blaze9291735d ago

MariaHelFutura is just on a rooooll with these pointless Titanfall/Xbox One articles.

Literally everything you see negative is submitted by him lol. Dat passion

TheLyonKing1735d ago

it's meant to be accessible for people who haven't even played an fps before, the learning curve is easy to master.

DS2 is for people who longed for the term nintendo hard to be relevant again (even if the game isn't on the nintendo system haha)

DigitalAnalog1735d ago

Dark Souls is not "hardcore". Far from it, it's just a game with a different difficulty curve, once mastered it can be tread a lot easier. Games like Titanfall have easier learning curves but it can take awhile before the mechanics are fully exploited but it doesn't make it any more casual than Dark Souls simply because it caters to a different audience.

The same logic can apply to pick-n-play games like Tetris, only the hardest of the hardcore can play that game in the extreme level which require a lot of precision, timing and foresight. But that doesn't automatically make them any more hardcore than say, Titanfall with 95% K/D ratio or having minimal deaths in DS. It all depends how much effort you're willing to put forward in a game. Casuals tend to stay in the base line of the learning curve while the "hardcore" tries to master it.

frostypants1735d ago

Demon's Souls/Dark Souls are an experience.
Games like Titanfall are cheap thrills.

Both have their place and a lot of the same people play each. Think of it in movie terms. Dark Souls would be a thinking man's film, like The Godfather. Titanfall is more like a popcorn action flick. Both have their merits.

gomp3331734d ago

Accessibility is different. They added accessible components to dark souls 2, as well

gomp3331734d ago

Hardcore just refers to someone who identifies gaming as a hobby. It's not just playing games but looking up websites about them, spending their free time either obsessing or playing a game. That's hardcore. Casual just means you pick up a controller once in awhile but don't necessarily consider gaming a hobby.

Magicite1734d ago

how can someone dare to compare magnificent Dark Souls to some cod-like garbage?

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Hicken1735d ago

Primarily casual with core elements.

mhunterjr1735d ago

TitanFall is fun for casuals, but the more hardcore players will easily rise to the top. I played a couple capture the flag matches against some really well organized teams. The Titan varieties, the complex map layouts, and the pilot maneuverability made for some really interesting strategies.

It's like chess, easy to learn, but it will take a while to master. It's easy to dismiss it as some purely casual experience, simply because casuals are having fun with it. But if you give it time, you'll start to see the nuances and appreciate the balance.

ic3fir31735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

So true, only competitive players who played titanfall, do you know the potential of the game in that aspect.
Who play for fun, you will not see the true essence of the game

See this vídeo, soo pro

Yes titanfall its skilled game

ElementX1735d ago

I've played a few games of TF and I'm not sure what I think yet. I do like the game play mechanics, the wall running, double jumping to get to higher ground... it's refreshing in the day of military shooters. I'm not sure how "casual" it is. It's only been out a few days and once people figure out strategies and those strategies spread, it'll be more competitive.