Titanfall: Single Player Was Prototyped, Higher Resolution on Xbox One "Maybe Never;" and More Info

Titanfall Producer Drew McCoy was stuck on a plane today, and he took the chance to respond to quite a few questions from the fans about the game on Twitter, giving some very interesting answers about the game's past and future.

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Axios21658d ago


Title is missleading, I guess that's why the usual suspects are approving it:

Actual quotes

"Maybe never. Working on improving performance alongside. We’ll see how it goes…"

"The 2 aren't always mutually exclusive. Top priorities for lots of us right now are improved performance and stability."

Abriael1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You're very easily "misled" if you missed the "maybe" part before the "never"

Oh, sorry, MiSSled :D

thekhurg1658d ago

People with one bubble are there for a reason, no need to fuel their trolling.

GuruMeditation1658d ago

Miss Led sounds like the most uninspiring new member of the justice league...

On topic: good read, as usual

mewhy321657d ago Show
OrangePowerz1658d ago

It's still maybe never, there isn't anything misleading about the title as you just quoted yourself.

GarrusVakarian1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

You literally just quoted a comment that proves your own comment

He was asked when the X1 will be patched to a high resolution, he responded with "maybe never".

"maybe never".

Not all. I know he ended that sentence with "we'll see"...but "maybe never" sounds pretty damn final.

On topic: I am so glad that resolution isn't their top priority. The fact he tells us they are focusing on the performance/framerate of the game primarily makes me very happy, i was worried they were going to give in to the pressure of 1080p. Try and get that framerate to stay at 60fps more of the time and lose the screen tearing and i'll be happy....well...i'll be happy anyway, but even happier if the kinks get smoothed out.

k3rn3ll1658d ago

True dat.... pixels mean nothing to me if its causing me to have hindered experience. Give me 720 and 50-60 lock and I m good. Either way most of the frame rate issues I've experienced in the game so far have never happened at a crucial time. Never died or felt wasn't competing to the best of my capabilities due to it

1657d ago
OwnageDC6501658d ago

I don't think a 1080p patch will be released but perhaps a few more fps and less screen tear at 792p?

Sarcasm1657d ago

I don't understand why some people think they are going to 1080p when it's struggling at 792p. If anything they need to drop it to 720p and get better frame rates.

Hicken1658d ago

Don't get his hopes up.

No1up1656d ago

I didn't want to overload you.

iceman061656d ago

So 2 days later, you give me 3 more words!?! Thanks for the concern, but I think I can handle it!

No_Limit1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

From the article:

He was also asked when the Xbox One version will be patched to a higher resolution, but his answer wasn’t exactly encouraging for pixel counters.

"Maybe never. Working on improving performance alongside. We’ll see how it goes…"

Yet, he didn’t exclude the possibility, saying that resolution and framerate aren’t mutually exclusive, but priorities are elsewhere:

"The 2 arent always mutually exclusive. Top priorities for lots of us right now are improved performance and stability."

Save you guys trouble from opening Dualshockers. In a sense, there still might be some changes to both framerate and resolution but the game is fine as it is now and some additional performance boost is always welcome, of course.

Edit: LOL, the disagrees from me sourcing the article, keep 'em coming folks. :)

k3rn3ll1658d ago

Knowledge. .... baaammmm

Haters can't stand the stuff

Boody-Bandit1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

Maybe you are getting disagrees for this:

"the game is fine as it is now"

The game is decent and fun, no doubt about it, BUT it definitely needs some updates to see if they can smooth out the frame rates and reduce or eliminate screen tearing. I'm really susceptible to both but the tearing is the most distracting to me.

Personally I think they should've just shot for 720p and gave us the smoothest running game possible. The mere fact that they knew they were releasing a game that had these issues and feel confident they can minimize them makes me wonder why they didn't just delay the game in the first place.

windblowsagain1658d ago

Why do people think it's hating.

Titanfall is a poorish looking game by todays standards and that's a fact. It runs at 1408x792 which isn't too bad.

But it slows down in places and screentears, so it's common sense that before any rez bump would take place, performance would need increasing.

I played the beta on PC and it was fluid enough affair, but fugly.

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