Hands On: Smoking Out Seattle in inFAMOUS: Second Son on PS4

Push Square: "Holy smokes, it’s less than two weeks until you’ll be playing inFAMOUS: Second Son. A cynic may argue that the PlayStation 4’s first few months on the market have been dryer than the Sahara Desert, but Sucker Punch is aiming to finally light up your system with a showering of neon and smoke powers later this month. And as part of the studio’s recent European press junket, we were lucky enough to get some hands-on time with a couple of missions from a near final version of the game. Well, when we weren’t trapped in the toilet with dashing voice actor Troy Baker, anyway."

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Austin481739d ago

Man I can't wait for this it releases on the twenty first does eneybody know if you get to play as cole on the limited edition version

JoGam1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I'm sorry but that almost sounded like a review. I'm thinking to myself while watching the video, Um this doesn't sound like a preview at all.

Edit: After reading a comment below I have a question. Was this a demo or the full version he played?

Edit: After watching it again he stated its a demo and not the full version so yes its a Preview. Thank god. Almost got worried.

Jeff2571739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

You don't get to play as Cole, but you do get a set of missions for Delsin that will help fill in the gap between inFamous 2 and Second Son. Also once you complete the missions you get a new Jacket for Delsin that is like the one Cole wore.

purpleblau1739d ago

The game is no doubt a seller and graphics wonder. However, the gameplay looks really boring. (I played the first one, deleted after 20min)

mkis0071739d ago

That's the beauty of PlayStation: Variety. Something for everyone. Looks like MS is finally getting it with what they have announced...

I however love the first 2 games, and this one is gonna deprive me of sleep.

This game, by virtue of only being on ps4 and a release in the first game-deprived years of a new console, is by definition a system seller.

SmokingMonkey1739d ago

Can't wait to smoke up in InFamous.... and in WA

GarrusVakarian1739d ago

Unless smoke *has* to be used for certain enemies/situations, it isn't going to get used much....It's all about the neon for me. Such a unique power....and it looks amazing visually, a real feast for the eyes.

No_Limit1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

At 3:56 - 4:18, that section have me worry a bit as the previewer said he was bore with it and can't even finish it at certain stages of the game. Other than that, this game looks amazing with the fluid motion and particle effects and hopefully the reviews come out strong so it will entice me to buy it at launch.

RadioActiveTwinky1739d ago

He said that because it was part of the demos that they have been playing since Gamescom. If you play the same demo over and over of any game you would get bored too.

mogwaii1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Nope, he said "we've played so many variations of this type of mission since its inception" think assasins creed for example. This is not a good sign but not surprising and ive got a feeling this game will be graphically amazing but the rest will be old hat. My guess is scores around 80ish, we'll see.

scott1821739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Yes, that ONE part of the demo was like other random encounters from the previous titles that he found tedious. But he said the rest of the missions were "so damn good". That encounter he is talking about is basically just filler.

RadioActiveTwinky1739d ago

Doesnt matter how many different "variations" its still the same section they have been playing since the playable demos have been revealed. Its like playing the same damn section of any demo out there over and over. plain and simple.
Its like playing the same map over and over in a mp game. just different ways of playing in it.

HeavenlySnipes1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

No he was talking about the mission type, not the specific portion of the demo

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GarrusVakarian1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

You misinterpreted him, he said they have played so many variants of that same section of the game that it's gotten boring.

JoGam1739d ago

Yeah me too, I was so excited watching the gameplay I didn't hear he say Demo.

Ozmoses1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

he was talking about the "tiresome mission of following people in sandbox games"

he said we have played so many variations of this sand-box trope that they could no longer take it serious.

basically when they got to the mission where they had to stealthy follow someone they fucked around, because that mission is so common and tiresome in the open-world game. it's a redundant mission...

I mean you have all these different options to do stuff and than all of a sudden you have a mission that sticks to a linear path of follow the leader... it makes no sense...

that's what he was referring to.. he kept saying sand-box trope as in a reference to that type of mission being in many sand box games.

he could have played the demo multiple times. but that's not what he said at that particular part.

rewatch that part again.

scott1821739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Watching the same gameplay area over and over has gotten boring too, I would love to see other sections and missions. He said the rest of the missions were "damn good" other than that part of the demo.

The game looks like so much fun, I'm really getting excited to have it.

CrossingEden1739d ago

Wrong, the guy was specifically talking about the very tedious and archaic open world tailing mission trope. YOU misinterpreted him.
"Afterwards we played one of the most tiresome of tropes, a tailing mission, we've played so many different variations of this type of mission since it's inception that we couldn't take it seriously. We kept looking for mad ways to speed it up, getting sloppy and eventually bored with the whole affair."

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PS3and4_HAS_GAMES1739d ago

Bad or good, if you want it buy it. The game looks amazing to me. I dont see this game getting anything under an 8.5

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