Report: Titanfall still unplayable by those Optus users who had trouble in the beta

Stevivor -- "It's still early days, but buyer beware: it appears that those Optus customers who wouldn't get the Titanfall beta to work are still having trouble with Titanfall proper."

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n4rc1654d ago

Of course its the isps fault..

They are blocking ports or treating packets like 3rd class data.. Some tend to do that to UDP.

fr0sty1654d ago

Yeah, it's the ISP, it couldn't possibly be the game. I mean, look at all the other games that depend on you having a certain ISP in order to play them properly! Look at all the games that have had to have entire countries taken off the release list due to internet infrastructure. And for what? A 6v6 mech game.

phantomera1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

blame your isp, they are just being d**ks to save money.

AnEwGuY1654d ago

If you have an ISP that most people have never heard're probably going to have problems. I've had Comcast for over 20 years...never had an issue with them (although I'm still upset over them recently unlocking their long-dormant data cap).

jebabcock1654d ago

I switched to comcast business.. it isn't too much more and no caps. Supposedly you have significantly better support too.

I wouldn't start criticizing until we see the numbers hitting the game. Who knows it may truly be just that big of a hit.

Theangrybogan1653d ago

Its an Australian site. Optus is one of the biggest isps in Australia. I used to be with them, theyre terrible.

XiSasukeUchiha1654d ago

Hmm they promise something that i can exactly remember!

jdiggitty1653d ago

Nicely said, if you're going for something that makes no sense.

MegaRay1653d ago

I think Titanfall can detect Sony fanboy lol